My Viking Journey: Registration, Login and Beneits
My Viking Journey: Registration, Login and Beneits
Login to My Viking Journey to access your current sailings and complete purchase or booking of future cruise.

My Viking Journey: Registration, Login and Beneits

My Viking Journey


My Viking Journey One thing I've always liked about Viking is that they still believe in the written manual. This makes my cruise a whole lot better. You'll get your cruise paperwork in the mail, just like in the old days. You are going on a cruise, so show yourself that you deserve it.

As they did in the past, Viking gave travellers a check-in slip with all the necessary information as well as basic luggage tags and a leather luggage tag. He sends him two big stickers to put on his shirt when he gets to the airport. I would never do something like that. I don't need an even dumber-looking sticker.

The information that Viking gives is excellent. The line just put out an exciting new custom brochure with information about flights, hotel stays (if applicable), transfers (if available), itinerary details, onboard details, deck plans, and shore trips that are accessible by wheelchair.

The Silver Spirits Beverage Package, which you can pre-book through My Viking Journey, includes all beers, wines, premium wines, and spirits.

How To Register At 


My Viking Journey is now available to you. If you have a Viking reservation number, you can use it to plan and customise your trip. Entering your email address and reservation number is all it takes to make an account. Follow these simple steps to join

  • Go to to find out more.

  • When you open your website, there are two ways to get started: "Create Account" and "Login." Click Join Now in the area that says "Create an Account."

  • Visitors to the website can find the registration form. Give information about yourself, such as your reservation number and email address, as well as your first and last names and your job title.

  • To get into My Viking Journey, you must first confirm your email address and then make and confirm a password.

  • Check the boxes that say "I agree to the booking conditions" and "Email me" to get news, special deals, and new flyers from Viking Cruises.

  • Once you're done with the registration process, click "Create Account."

Guide To My Viking Journey Login


My Viking Journey Login makes it easy for members of Viking Cruises to get to extra services. After signing up at, you must be logged into your Viking My Journey account to get My Viking Journey Updates and book future trips.

To sign in to My Viking Journey, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

  • If you want to start a business, go to the company's website (

  • When you open the website, you'll see a place to log in on the right side of the screen.

  • Email [email protected] with a message.

  • Please type in your username and password.

  • A blue "Log in" button is at the bottom of this two-field form.

  • My Viking Journey Updates are sent out on a regular basis and include information about travel plans.You can also book travel tickets, lodging, and meals online.

Conditions for accessing My Viking Journey Updates


To sign up for My Viking Journey, the following things must be true:

  • a web browser you can trust.

  • great connection to the internet

  • There are computers, tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

  • The user name and password.

  • Website:- (

How to change the password for My Viking Journey?


Only if you use a password to get into your account on is it safe. During the login process, some users forget their passwords, which makes it impossible for them to use My Viking Journey in the future. You can change your login password in the following ways:

  • Check out the My Viking Journey website (

  • The sign-in page for My Viking Journey can be found at:

  • From the menu that comes up, choose "Reset Password."

  • After clicking "Reset Password," you will be asked to enter the email address that is linked to your Viking Cruises My Journey account.

  • You'll get an email with a link that will let you change your password.

  • Go to the secure URL given to set up a new password or reset your password.

How can you change your My Viking Journey Login username??


Your email address is also your login on My Viking Journey. Many users have lost track of their usernames when filling out the My Viking Journey Update form on the business website. The procedures listed below make changing your username really easy:

  • You can go to

  • Go to the site and sign in.

  • On the page where you sign in to My Viking Journey, there is a link that says "Forgot your email?"

  • Enter your first and last name, your reservation number, and the date you want to leave.

  • When you're done putting in your information, click "Next."

  • If you forget your username, the page where you log in to My Viking Journey will remind you.

Benefits Of Viking Cruises My Journey


When you go on a Viking River Cruise, you automatically become a member of the Explorer Society. People who are not part of the shipping company's club can't get the perks and deals that club members get. My Journey is at

Cruises at a reduced cost

Customers who have sailed with Viking before are given credits that can be used on future trips. The deal includes all Viking Ocean crossings, and you'll get travel credits based on how long it's been since your last connection and when you make your next reservation.

Invitations to a select group of people

On their next cruise, members of the Viking Explorer Society will be able to get a free cocktail. This is a great chance to meet and talk with other guests.

The first round of new tours has been unveiled.

Members of the Viking Explorer Society are the first to know about new ships and routes, and they also get to choose their destinations and departure dates. You won't miss any of the deals on the list that are only available for a short time.

With Great Privilege Comes Great Responsibility

Keep up with new Viking Cruises ships and routes so you can always choose the best places to go and when to leave. Depending on what you choose, you may also get emails or letters about special deals that are only available for a short time.

Rewards for Personal Recommendation

Because Viking has so many things to offer, it's easy to tell people about it. A Viking cruise is the best way to see the world, whether you're travelling alone, with family, or with a small group of close friends.

Here is a list of the bonuses for referring people:

For every new travel partner you suggest, you'll get a $100 credit toward your next trip. If you suggest a pair, you'll get $200. 

When you bring in your 13th friend, you get a free cruise for the whole year.

Each person I recommend saves $100 per person for their first trip.

Viking My Journey’s Highlights


My Viking Journey is a safe and secure site that only Viking passengers can use. I hope that Viking will hear what its customers want and think about expanding MyVikingJourney. Here are some of the things that Viking My Journey has:

  • Passengers should be able to look at their past cruises in a "read-only" mode. When a cruise starts, all information is lost and can't be gotten back. When the cruise starts, just turn off the site for booking and making payments.

  • Post the Viking Daily to My Viking Journey so that travellers can send in their photos, keep a journal, and rate their experiences at each stop along the way. It would be great if people could print out the study and send it to Viking every day.

  • Checkboxes should be added so that passengers can share their comments, reviews, and photos of their excursions with Viking, My Viking Journey members, and the general public.

  • To help people who are "new" to Viking cruises, make forums for each Viking trip. This will let people who have travelled before offer help and advice.

My Viking Journey is now done with the following:

  • Update our list of traveller information.

  • Visit the website for Viking Air to find out more about flights.

  • Find out about the ship's features, how to eat on it, and spa services.

  • Make copies of all the paperwork and the schedule for your cruise.

  • There are bills to pay, and our bank account needs to be looked at.

Customer Service For My Viking Journey Updates


Customers can get in touch with customer service for My Viking Journey by phone, email, or live chat. You can contact My Viking Journey customer service by going to and asking about updates, reservations, travel agency contacts, and discounts.

Call our toll-free number 1-855-338-4546 or 1-866-984-5464 between 5:00 am and 7:00 pm (Monday through Saturday) and 05:00 am and 7:00 pm (Sunday through Thursday) to get information about My Viking Journey, make a complaint, or make a reservation (Sunday).

For customer service via email or chat, you can send an email to: