How to Rent a Motorcycle in leh
How to Rent a Motorcycle in leh
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Bike Rental in Leh

Leh Ladakh is the dream destination of every biker, at least in INDIA. People from foreign countries have also traveled to Ladakh. Planning a Ladakh trip with Bike Rental in Leh is considered as the best motorbike tours in India. Before starting with the trip, it is wise to get your health check-up done. Make sure to check whether the highway route is open for the day and allow your body to get adjusted to the climate before commencing on the road trip. Carry light baggage and first aid kit. Always engage with the locals to know more about the place, the food and the people. Do try to make your bike trip through the Himalayan Mountain passes and beautiful lakes, one of the best possible rides of your life.


Where to Find Bikes for Hire in Leh?


It’s actually very easy. The entire city of Leh is full of such shops. You just have to walk around the streets and you will see them everywhere. Along with bikes, they can also offer additional equipment like saddlebags, helmets, and other items a biker may need.


Duration of Hire bikes in leh?


Ideally, you hire the bike rent on leh for half-day (up to 2 PM) or full-day (up to 8 PM). This is why it is ideal to explore the places around Leh such as Hemis, Alchi, Likir, Stakna, Thiksey, Stok, Shey etc. but you can also go further by hiring them for multiple days. Do note that these businesses are very well-organized and standard rates apply everywhere.


What time of year is best for a bike trip in Leh Ladakh?


The ideal time for a bike on rent in Leh Ladakh is often from June to September during the season. You can easily find high-quality lodging and other pleasures at a fair price at this season because all the facilities and homestays are operating. During this period, the Ladakhi culture is at its most vibrant. In addition, after the closure of highways for 5 to 6 months due to winter, road reconstruction and smoothening are also finished, so you will find roads in good shape during this time.


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