Detailed Account Of E India Visa
Detailed Account Of E India Visa
Get your Indian evisa for tourist, business, study online now! All foreign nationals are required to submit the e-Visa India Visa before traveling to India.

Electronic visa system is called E-visa in short form. One can apply forthis online for visiting other countries. Mainly it gives electronic travelauthorization through the internet. India started taking electronic visaapplication from the year 2014. Through (electronic)E India Visa,Citizens of 180 countries can apply for the online travel authorization, whichhas been launched by the Government of India.


E India visa can be applied in the following purposes like - tourist visa, medicalvisa, medical attendant visa, business visa and conference visa. Tourist visagives one month, one year and a maximum 5years with multiple entries. In oneentry, it allows 90 days stay. Citizens from US, UK, Canada and Japan areallowed to stay up to 180 days exceptionally. Business visa allows a person tostay upto 60 days in a single entry and one year visa. A conference visa allowsa maximum of 30 days. Medical and medical attendant visa give 60 days of stayin a single entry with triple entry limits.


For online application a person need a valid passport,email address,debitOr credit card ,mostly important thing is validity of passport. After thisrequirements submit own photocopies, scanned passport pages on the e-form.After online payment methods are done a Electronic Travel Authorization or ETAmail will be sent. It may take 4 to 5 business days to complete the wholeonline process. E-visa allows easy application for short time visit rather thannormal visa system. Here we must know manual visa system may have complicatedand delayed process but it allows visitors to stay 6 months to 10 years.Foreigners need to have a mandatory passport with 2 blank pages and a recordwhere there will by no failure of 90 days staying visits. Even a minor canapply with photo ID and parental documents to visit India. There are otherwebsites for e application for a visa, first, you have to register there toconfirm data accessibility before starting the form filling. The online systemsupports 98 different foreign languages and 136 types of currencies. One mustapply a minimum of 30days before traveling to India.


The e-application costs may vary for different countries, but normallytourist visa costs $35 nearby, business visa, medical and medical attendantvisa costs $45 from government sites. For one month, E-visa costs $10 to $25for one year, it costs $40 approx and for five years $80.Some country citizensare also eligible for free visa services, such as Argentina, Fiji, Indonesia,Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, South Africa, Uruguay and Tonga. UK, US,Russia, Mozambique and Ukraine citizens have to pay $100. Srilanka, Singaporeand Japanese citizens only pay $25 for one year and five years of E India visa.Some non-government sites provide this application process. They have a littlehigh cost. For the normal application process, which takes five business days,the charge $78. If someone needs an early process within three days, theycharge $108, and for emergency applications within two business days, theycharge $143.

Scams: Some websites give an advertisement for faster application proceduresand charges a huge amount of fees. These are maximum fake websites illegallyoffering services to common people but genuinely scamming. Ministry of externalaffairs receives hundreds of complaints about losing dollars as fees.

Statistics: In the year 2014, the E-visa process started working in India. Thenumber of foreign tourists increased yearly via this process. Here we can seein 2014 visited 39.05 thousand e- tourist, 2015 visited 445.3 thousand, theyear 2016- 1080 thousand, the year 2017- 1697 thousand, the year 2018 itincreased upto 2,369.94 thousand tourists. But lastly, in the year 2019, therate decreased to 1,534.29 thousand suddenly.


Manual visa process take time with lots of procedure and gives maximumdays of stay and 10years of visa. For emergencies, it was not easy for commonpeople to visit India. After an easy process of E India visa, thetourism of India increased. But there are complaints after stepping India thatpeople have to wait for a long time in airports to get a stamp on theirpassport because of e-visa. Although those who want to explore a short visit ortour, they can apply on e-visa rather not to wait for a long manual process tohappen.