How to sell an apartment: step-by-step instructions for making a profitable deal
How to sell an apartment: step-by-step instructions for making a profitable deal
The services of a realtor are an ideal outlet for sellers who have no time to physically deal with the sale, as well as for fear of making a mistake.

How to sell an apartment: step-by-step instructions for making a profitable deal

How to profitably sell an apartment yourself? Is it worth contacting a realtor ? How not to lose money and quickly find a reliable buyer? 

The decision to sell an apartment can be deliberate or spontaneous. Regardless of this, it is important for the seller to carefully consider all the terms of the transaction. Even if the money is needed urgently, it is better to spend a few days preparing than to regret a disadvantageous decision.

Step 1. Choosing a method of sale

There are only two options to choose from: do everything yourself or entrust the matter to specialists . How to sell an apartment: do it yourself or contact a real estate agency?

There is no correct answer. The choice depends on the capabilities of the seller. If there is a desire and a sufficient amount of free time, it is quite possible to find a buyer and draw up all the documents for the apartment on your own. Real estate tokenization this option is especially suitable if there is already a buyer, for example, a relative or acquaintance wants to buy an apartment.

But even in this case, one should not lose vigilance: competent legal registration is not an insult to the feelings of a loved one, but a mandatory safety net in case of unforeseen circumstances. When selling on your own, you can save on a commission to an intermediary. This can be a very decent amount, especially if the apartment is expensive.

The services of a realtor are an ideal outlet for sellers who have no time to physically deal with the sale, as well as for fear of making a mistake. 

In this case, the owner only needs to find an intermediary who can be trusted and be ready to pay for his work from 2 to 6% of the cost of the apartment. But all worries are removed from the owner: he does not need to look for buyers, run around various authorities, and you can not even go to the views. The only thing that a realtor cannot do is draw up documents that are issued only to the owner of the property. 

Step 2. Choose a realtor

Let's say you chose the option of helping a specialist in this field. Now you need not only to find an intermediary, but also to assess how competent , decent and experienced he is in order to arrange a profitable sale. It is best to contact an expert who has already helped someone you know. If there are no such options, then it is worth meeting with several specialists “from the ads” in order to understand which person it will be more comfortable to work with. At a personal meeting, you can be asked to show documents on education and qualifications, share sales successes and solutions to similar cases. An additional confirmation of the realtor's competence is his participation in meetings of professional communities, advanced training, participation in various events as an expert.

Step 3. Real estate appraisal

How to profitably sell an apartment? When selling real estate, it is very important not to miscalculate the price. Exaggerated expectations often lead realtors to unsuccessfully try to find a buyer for several months, and as a result, the seller agrees to a price much lower than they could have originally quoted.

For people who have nothing to do with real estate, the question of expected revenue is confusing. To avoid this, it is better to "price the price" in advance. This can be done on the website of the Federal State Statistics Service.

But you can’t just copy the “price tags” from there, since the final cost of real estate depends not only on the area of ​​\u200b\u200bhousing, but also on additional factors. Among them:

  • the location of the apartment.
  • distance from the city center.
  • infrastructure in the microdistrict.
  • home type.
  • floor of the apartment.
  • number of rooms.
  • planning features.
  • cost of utility bills.

To independently form the price of an apartment, you need to find the most similar objects on the real estate market. In ads, you can see their statute of limitations. This will show the real demand for such proposals.

Of course, it is better to contact real estate appraisers so as not to miscalculate the expected revenue.

In addition, if the sale suffers, you can try to raise prices and see the reaction of those who want to buy housing.

According to real estate experts, the right price attracts about 60% of potential buyers.

Step 4. Paperwork

For the transaction to take place, it is important to take care of the documents for the property. Any inaccuracies in the collection of official papers can lengthen the time of the transaction and scare away buyers.

All documents for the sale of an apartment are divided into mandatory and additional. They can be requested by the transaction registrar, requested by the buyer, or requested by the bank.

Documents without which it is impossible to conclude a sale and purchase transaction:

  • Passports of all apartment owners (for children - birth certificates);
  • An agreement between the seller and the buyer;
  • Permission of the board of trustees - if there are minor owners of the apartment;
  • Consent of the spouse - a notarized document is needed if the property was purchased during marriage;
  • Power of attorney - if the sale is not handled by the owner.

Additional papers:

  • Certificate of ownership, if the seller became the owner of the apartment before 2016.
  • Extract from the USRN.
  • Cadastral passport.
  • Extract from the house book.
  • Confirmation of the absence of debts for payment of utility bills.
  • A certificate stating that the redevelopment was done legally.

Take care of the documents in advance. Their registration can take so long that buyers can not wait and find another apartment option.

Step 5. Search for buyers

The seller will have to think over the types of advertising and connect marketing talent in order to correctly compose an ad.

Main keys to success:

High-quality photos - lighting, composition, lens choice can play an important role in attracting buyers;

An announcement detailing the benefits and technical characteristics of the apartment.

Finding the right ad space.

advertising in print media, posting ads on boards - there are still people who do not use social networks.

The announcement should be short but meaningful. It is desirable to support all the facts with good photographs, so that the buyer immediately wants to look at the apartment in person. 

Step 6. Showing the apartment

The culmination of buyers' acquaintance with the apartment is a personal meeting. Realtors know how important it is to "hook" the client during the show. It is necessary to prepare for the meeting: put in order not only the apartment, but also the adjacent territory, the entrance, the landing. Minimal cleaning and bright lights in the entryway can be an additional advantage for the buyer when choosing between several options.

Think in advance what flaws the apartment has, how they can be “smoothed out”. It is also worth immediately deciding on the minimum allowable price, so that during negotiations and bargaining not to succumb to the pressure of buyers. Show concern, become friends and advisers for applicants for an apartment, do not pressure or impose. After watching, ask about your impressions, and after a few days, remind you of yourself with a call or message. 

One of the most effective life hacks is showing an apartment to several potential buyers at once. In such a situation, competition works: it can push to buy. 

Step 7. Drawing up a contract and financial transactions

Another important step is the payment for the apartment. In these matters, it is better to consult with a specialist: a notary will help draw up an agreement on the transfer of a deposit or advance payment, a receipt for the buyer's settlement and the contract of sale itself. It is the contract that must be transferred to Rosreestr for registration of the transaction. 

The transfer of money must be safe: it is important not to spread even to relatives about the date and time of the transaction. It is best to make financial transactions with the help of a notary: the buyer can pay in cash in the office of a specialist or transfer money through a special account of a specialist. Another reliable payment method is the bank cell service. 

Additional Tips

Do not forget that scammers can lie in wait for the seller at each stage. The main thing is that the transfer of money for the apartment takes place before the signing of the sale and purchase agreement, otherwise the already former owner of the property risks being left without funds for it. In any incomprehensible situation, it is better to seek help from lawyers and real estate specialists: the payment for their services cannot be compared with the amount that can be lost in an unsuccessful transaction.

Selling real estate is an art, so each of the stages must be approached not only with the mind, but also with the soul. Then a good deal will not keep you waiting.