How Retailers are Using AI this Holiday
How Retailers are Using AI this Holiday
AI has secured its place in every sector assisting businesses in making decisions.
AI has secured its place in every sector assisting businesses in making decisions. Chatbots help customers to purchase the right product. Retailers have greatly benefited from technology. Explore how this piece of technology has benefited retailers to increase sales.

The holiday season is in full swing and retailers are ready to get the most out of it to maximize their sales. Of course, it is going to change the way you shop. Thus, it is better to be updated with the right trends. 

Rightly said by Dave Waters – Predicting the future isn’t magic, it’s Artificial Intelligence

AI is becoming increasingly popular among businesses for marketing, customer service, and inventory management. AI is mostly used by retailers to improve search results, evaluate browsing patterns, and make customised suggestions. Meanwhile, other companies are experimenting with chatbots to provide a more personalised experience.

Here's how AI is affecting the retail business this Christmas season, as well as everything else that has to do with your holiday shopping spree.

Optimizing search results with AI

Retailers may use AI to detect customer preferences and tailor search results accordingly. For example, if a consumer searches for a black leather jacket, the results will show many options.

Chatbots are a savior                              

Chatbots are an easy way to communicate with a corporation. These virtual assistants can help you find what you're searching for by answering questions, making recommendations, and pointing you in the right direction. There's no requirement for a physical location or a hiring process. Investing in chatbots can significantly lower the entire cost of service.

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