Essential Features In a Social Media App Like Instagram
Essential Features In a Social Media App Like Instagram
This blog talks about the top must-have features in a social media app like Instagram.

Instagram is the most well-known social media app, and is highly popular among people of almost every age group. Initially, Instagram was used for sharing photos and videos; however, with time, it became more than that. 

People can now post long-form content, known as IGTV or short-form videos (aka Reels), share their stories, can go live with their friends or followers, etc. 

A survey done by Statista has shown that there are going to be 127.2 million Instagram active users by the next year (2023). This digit shows that the popularity of Instagram is not fading any time soon; rather, it will grow with time. 

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This blog talks about the top must-have features in a social media app like Instagram.

Must-Have Features In a Social Media App Like Instagram 


  • Short Form Video Content

The first feature of a social media app like Instagram is short-form video content, known as Reels. People create different types of reels, like funny or action, for entertainment purposes.

In fact, business owners also use this short video content format to tell their brand stories, make their targeted audience aware, and much more. 

  • Post

Another engaging feature of Instagram is posts, where users add their favorite photos or videos that appear on the user’s feed. Followers of that particular account will engage with those posts, either by liking or commenting on the picture/video.

  • Instagram Stories

Users can now share glimpses of their everyday or some exciting moments with their followers via Instagram stories. Earlier, followers can only reply to the person’s stories, but now with feature advancement, they can even like or send reactions either through stickers or by creating avatars. 

  • Live

Another interesting feature of Instagram that makes people want to use it more is live, where users can interact with their followers. 

The latest update in the Instagram feature enables three more people to join Instagram live for a fun session. 


  • Signup/Login

The signup process of Instagram is the same as that of any other social media app. In simple words, the user can sign up for the Instagram account using his/her existing email ID, or phone number, or can even connect with Facebook. 

  • Update Profile

Once the user will sign up for the Instagram account, s/he has to create a unique username along with a profile picture to show their identity. Moreover, the user can also write a bio on their profile telling about their interest, etc.

  • Type of Instagram Account

Instagram has two types of accounts- business and personal accounts.

Entrepreneurs with small or large-sized businesses leverage the existence of Instagram by opening a business account. They can track their growth or check insights. In a personal account, the user gets access to all the basic features of Instagram, like posting, making stories, reels, or long-form of videos. 

  • Verified Accounts

Creators, brands, public figures, or celebrities use a verification badge on Instagram that shows their credibility and makes them stand out from the competition.


  • Public or Private

In a public account, the user’s post or stories is visible to everyone, even if the other person is not following him/her. 

Private account: Only the followers are allowed to see what the user is posting on his feed. 

  • Blocked & Restricted Accounts

If someone blocks you from Instagram, you won’t be able to see their profile. Whereas, restricting someone’s account restricts the specific person to see your activity status.


  • Login Activity

The login activity feature on Instagram shows the list of locations or mobile devices every time the account will be logged in.

  • 2- Factor Authentication

Instagram has a two-step verification feature to protect the user’s account from any sorts of risk. It also helps in avoiding data stealing. 

Concluding Words

These are the must-have features of Instagram that make it unique and stand out from the competition. If you also want to have social media app like Instagram, you need to make sure that you are adding unique features that benefit the user in the best possible way.