Effective Ways to Improve iPad Battery Life
Effective Ways to Improve iPad Battery Life
iPad users have been facing battery drain problems for a long time. In the given article you can read effective ways to improve the iPad battery life.

Effective Ways to Improve iPad Battery Life

Apple iPads have come to set a new era of mobile computing. But unfortunately, most of the iPads have poor battery life.

iPad users have been facing battery drain problems for a long time. Therefore, the users used to search for iPad repair in Singapore.

So, you are the one who is facing a similar problem? If so, relax because there are a number of ways to improve battery life. Here we have enlisted effective ways to improve the iPad battery life.

1. Background app refresh

You might be aware of this feature on your iPad’s. In this, all applications download the needed data automatically. It always updates with time, which leads to battery drainage in less time. Therefore, you can limit background refreshes for the essential apps. 

Follow this:

  • Go to Setting
  • Then open General
  • Choose Background App Refresh.
  • Now turn off the app refresh for every application.

If you face any difficulties, you can visit the nearest Apple repair Singapore.

2. Turn off location service permissions.

Well, as you know, the location feature is very important for accessing your location. There are many apps that use location data to give you relevant information about that location. But, this option is a battery hog that drains the battery very quickly.

So, choose the apps you want to turn the location services.

You just need to follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose Privacy option
  • Now click on the location
  • You can select apps manually that you want to give access to your location data.

One more thing, turning on Airplane Mode, turning off GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular functions can be helpful in saving battery. It means you don’t regularly visit a MacBook repair centre in Singapore.

3. App notifications

Do you know notifications are evil? Well, the notification feature allows you to get updates on the surroundings. But it drains your iPad’s battery. So, if you limit the notification to essentials it will be the best solution.

For this feature, go to:

  • Settings
  • Choose notifications
  • Click on the app you want to turn off notifications for.
  • Now tap on the toggle; it will allow notifications to restrict. And you will stop receiving notifications from a particular app.

4. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in your iPad are the kind of connectivity that makes you enjoy portability. But, it can be a major reason for draining your iPad’s battery if kept open when not required.

So, for saving battery, turn it off and on the feature only when needed. Furthermore, visiting apple repair Singapore can be an alternative choice.  

5. Limiting the exposure

Apple suggests using the iPad wherever the ambient temperature is within 0º C and 35º C. Because anything ahead can influence the result of the iPad on the entity, consisting of the battery life of the iPad. The business defined maximum temperature for iPad is within 16º C and 23º C. Therefore, when you are using an iPad outdoors, make sure that it isn’t shown to direct light. Similarly, it should not be shown to heat sources in winters, because it can slow down battery performance.

6. Software update

Apple constantly provides software updates to iPad users. It provides the best experience with their devices. Doing software updates will eradicate bugs, improve stability, and enhance performance.

Ensure that your iPad is always updated because it is a proven way to improve battery life. For updating, follow:

  • Go to Settings
  • General
  • Then choose Software Update

7. Restrict battery draining apps

Your iPad has some apps that are a punishment on the battery. It's easy to save battery by restricting those apps. How? Well, go to Settings and choose the Battery page, which lists out the battery consumption. It shows the apps having battery consumption for the last 7 days or 24 hours.

So, it's time to get rid of battery-draining apps by turning them off!

8. Use Fetch

If you use mail settings, then it can drain battery life very fast. It happens especially when you have enabled the push feature on your iPad. But, if the iPad is not your primary device, then turn off the Push feature.

You can get the most benefits by turning the Fetch feature into manual mode. It is really helpful for saving battery.

Follow this by:

  • Open Settings
  • Go to mail, contacts, calendars
  • And then click on Fetch New Data.

You will have an option to fetch your mails to your iCloud account. Also, you can do this with other email accounts linked to the Mail app.

Final Thoughts 

Battery life is always a major problem for iPad users. Hopefully, these tips will help you to improve iPads’ battery life. If you are still facing problems with iPad battery life, visit nearby apple repair Singapore.