What is the Role of Cypress in Automation Testing?
What is the Role of Cypress in Automation Testing?
Digital Bureau needed a QA partner they could trust to deliver a reliable, quality and cost effective QA solutions and help them to automate the repeated QA tasks for web applications and mobile apps. Digital Bureau is a leading New York-based digital solutions firm specializing in web and mobile project and product management, development.

Cypress automation tool is a reliable tool that provides customers with the best-in-class platform for end-to-end testing. It delivers stackability, repurposing, and customer choice in reporting, scripting capabilities along with powerful real-time tracking and reporting all in one single platform. Cypress supports modern technologies like NodeJS/Java/PHP, Angular JS test types (Behavior Driven Development), extensive release management, reporting & analytics, and web applications and mobile applications on all operating systems and devices. This has the capability to automate client and server-side operations. Cypress can collect data from different sources and upload it to any data store and database through the REST interface. This supports all layers of testing including objects, servers, networks, services, databases, servers, and interfaces.


It has features like command pattern locators, HTML locators, text locators, DOM locators, XPath locators, attribute selectors, etc. This cross-platform tool lets developers develop applications by performing automated black-box testing.


 Cypress is a reliable tool for the automated stage and production testing so you can focus on your product. From one platform, you can write automated acceptance tests in the browser, record any actions performed by users, and write integration tests in any language. You can even run your tests non-interactively, much like Selenium CI. Our automation REST API makes adding Agile reporting to your application a breeze, without requiring any custom coding.


It's an open-source software created to help with automation testing. If you are not sure how to automate your application, Cypress helps to guide you through the process with feature after feature.  With Cypress, Anyone can learn how to write tests, no knowledge of programming or code is needed.


Cypress is a powerful automation tool that helps businesses test software. It offers a set of different testing tools that function uniquely to offer a customizable testing experience. The tool has the capability to match any business's needs and can be used across many notable industries including e-Commerce, transportation, and financial sectors.


Cypress tests can run anywhere on your application's stack: memory, the network, file system, databases, and more. It enables you to run your application's end-to-end and then decide how and where and when to write new tests. Choose from a headless or GUI interface, or use both! It is a flexible test automation platform that suits the needs of both beginners and experts with its strong scripting language (JavaScript) and its powerful view engine. This product also has an intuitive interface that enables easy creation of tests. Cypress is equipped with functions enabling thorough testing of Web applications with high load. Tests created in Cypress are reliable and repeatable, ensuring that your tests work always.


Cypress is an automation testing platform that makes complex end-to-end tests fast & easy, scalable & maintainable.