Best Cricket Academy in Pune
Best Cricket Academy in Pune
By delivering one of the best cricket clubs in Pune, we intend to satisfy both aspiring cricketers and casual fans who just love playing the sport with their friends and family.

Best Cricket Academy in Pune | Cricket Coaching in Pune

Best Cricket Academy in Pune

Rent Cricket Nets in Pune at The Life Club

Cricket nets are essential if you wish to master your craft and become a pro at the game of cricket. If you are looking for quality Cricket Nets in Pune to polish your batting and bowling skills, then look no further than The Life Club.

Situated at Sus, near Sunny’s World, The Life Club is home to quality Cricket Practice nets that you can rent on an hourly basis for a good practice session. The rental charges are flexible and will vary according to your specific requirements.

So head on down to The Life Club if you wish to leverage our cricket nets to polish your skills or simply enjoy a fun game of cricket with your friends and family.