Balance Bikes You Can Add Pedals To
Balance Bikes You Can Add Pedals To
Don't just settle for a balance bike and then have to buy a pedal bike for your child. Now you can have both in just one bike!

The Rookie 14 Balance to Pedal Convertible Bike

Convertible Balance Bikes by Kidvelo 

We have spent two years designing and testing our Rookie Range of convertible balance bikes that cleverly convert into a lightweight pedal bikes. 

Why? So we can ensure that children learn to ride and develop a love of cycling without parents having to fork out again when the child has developed balance.

The Balance Bike range that you can add pedals to comes in two sizes, a Rookie 14" and a Rookie 18" balance bike, that you can then bolt on the included pedal kit. Suitable for kids aged 3 to 8-years-old.

Rookie 14 Balance Bike

It was essential to Kidvelo founders, parents of early adoptors of no-pedal bikes for their children, that the bikes performed beautifully, whether used to teach balance or to go on long-distance rides using pedals.

Our clever design means no bike build is required between modes. In addition, the bikes have calliper brakes front and back and are super light. 

The 14", for example, weighs 4 kg in balance mode and 6 Kg in pedal mode. Light enough for the smallest three-year-old to handle.

Cranks are one of the most important parts of a pedal bike to get correct. The cranks allow you to convert the power generated by your legs turning the pedals, into rotational movement to propel the wheels along. 

Too short a crank and the child won't generate power to make the bike effortless to ride. Too long a crank and the pedals hit the ground when turning. 

We believe we have found the happy medium by producing high-end performance bikes that are a joy to ride!

Rookie 18 Pedal Bike


Two Modes, One Bike

  1. Use in balance bike mode. For some, this may be their first time on a bike with two wheels. For others, it is a natural progression of smaller 12" balance bikes whereby the child needs to get used to a bigger bike and brakes. Once the child can balance and manoeuvre the bike, with their feet off the ground, for prolonged periods of time they are ready to move to the pedal mode.
  2. Ready for pedals. Simply remove the footrest, and then bolt on the included easy-fit pedal kit and ride away.

No rebuild of the bike is required. No rear coaster brakes or cheap band brakes.