How to slove YouTube Loading Slow
How to slove YouTube Loading Slow
Here find the details of YouTube Loading Slow and also know the information of How to slove YouTube Loading Slow

YouTube is a very popular video-sharing site and social media platform where you can watch, upload and share videos with the world. With huge collections of videos, YouTube is one of the hottest video streaming sites to easily stream any video you want. However, YouTube's slow loading problem occurs occasionally these days and you need to find out the reasons and solutions to fix it.

Why is YouTube loading so slow?

If your YouTube videos are buffering for a long time, you might be too nervous and impatient to wait for the video to load. In fact, this frustrating problem is so common that it sometimes prevents you from watching too much. To fix the YouTube slow problem, you can first search why YouTube is so slow.

  • A heavily loaded YouTube server

  • Are problems with your router or internet connection?

  • Browser issues such as outdated browser software or related plugins.

  • Something is wrong with the video itself.

How to fix slow YouTube loading?

Check the YouTube servers

In most cases, YouTube may be slow because of an offline or overloaded YouTube server. To verify this, you can use third-party sites like Downdetector to check the current status of YouTube's connecting to servers. It also shows the problems that YouTube has faced in the last 24 hours.

Change the quality of a YouTube video

If YouTube loads a problem, you can change the video quality you set in YouTube to fix it. A YouTube video is available in different resolutions and usually plays at a specific resolution depending on your internet connection. If your YouTube loading is slow, you are allowed to customize and reduce the video quality to increase processing and loading speed. 

Close unused tabs

Having multiple tabs open at the same time, especially for video streaming, can overload your computer, resulting in YouTube loading slowly. In this case, one of the most feasible and straightforward solutions to fix the YouTube slow problem is to close all unused tabs and windows. It really works with this simple solution.

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Check your internet speed

It is common knowledge that YouTube needs a speed connection of 500kbps to 1mbps to run smoothly. If you want to find out why YouTube is so slow, in this case, it is necessary to check your network speed. The easiest way to do that is to visit speed-checking sites like Speedtest. If the result shows that it is a bad internet connection that is causing a slow YouTube load, you can reduce the number of connected devices or move closer to your router. If that fails, call your service provider.

Change the URL of the YouTube video

This is a simple and very effective way to solve YouTube slow problems by changing the URL of a YouTube video. To create it, you click on the URL/Address bar and try to replace www with ca. This way, you will be connected to YouTube using its Canada servers and speed up the loading time of videos on the platform.

Change the VPN

If you watch YouTube videos online with a VPN and YouTube loads slowly, you can disable it to see if the problem is fixed. Also, it is recommended to use another VPN to keep your data safe and secure. There are many free and paid VPNs available. Free VPN or paid one works to fix YouTube slow problems. A paid VPN is highly recommended to better protect your privacy.

Download YouTube videos offline

The most viable way to fix YouTube slow loading problem is to download YouTube videos offline directly. Anyway, you can watch YouTube videos offline smoothly on your computer or any mobile device. CleverGet is an excellent video downloading program that downloads online videos, movies, TV shows, live streams, etc. from more than 1000 websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. Moreover, it also allows you to download videos. From paid services like HBO max, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon for personal use. With this video downloader, you can not only download videos in 8K resolution but also download audio at 320 kbps without losing quality. It will fix YouTube slow loading problem and help you bypass YouTube's age restriction. Click the below button to download and install this software for YouTube video downloader on your computer.

Restart your browser

It is normal to adjust the speed of YouTube by restarting your browser. Traditionally, you can close the browser. Then, run it again. Additionally, you can use the command to restart your browser. Take Chrome for example, you can select the address bar in Chrome and type "chrome://restart". Then press Enter and Chrome will close and reopen immediately.

Clear your browser's cache

Everyone knows that a high amount of cache in your browser slows down its performance and slows YouTube loading. To avoid this, it is better to clear your browser cache every time. Clearing the browsing cache will speed up YouTube loading speed. To clear the Google Chrome browsing cache, for example, you can follow the steps below.

Please refresh your browser


An outdated web browser can cause some compatibility issues and buffering issues like slow YouTube loading. To make your browser run more smoothly and fix YouTube slow problem, it is recommended to keep your browser up to date. To refresh your Chrome browser, for example, you can click the horizontal dots in the upper right corner of the browser. Then click Help and select About Chrome to enter a new window and update if it's not the latest version.