Expand Your Reach With Instagram Contests
Expand Your Reach With Instagram Contests
Furthermore, they encourage your Instagram followers the UK to interact by adding a fun element. Increasing brand recognition occurs when you encourage more people to participate in your contest, giveaway and interact with your brand.

Expand Your Reach With Instagram Contests

It may seem contradictory to give prizes to your active Instagram followers UK via competitions and giveaways if you’re trying to increase company development, but it is worthwhile. As with advertising on Instagram or working hard to increase your following organically, giveaways are a unique way to market your business.

Furthermore, they encourage your Instagram followers the UK to interact by adding a fun element. Increasing brand recognition occurs when you encourage more people to participate in your contest, giveaway and interact with your brand. The restrictions for entering a contest or giveaway encourage post-sharing on other users’ networks.

A greater amount of interaction on Instagram in the form of likes, shares, reposts, and even user-generated material indicates to the Instagram algorithm that your profile is credible, which may help you rank higher in search engines. Contests and freebies can help people interact with you personally and showcase your company’s fun side.

You may wind up delivering your goods or service to someone who joined the offer for fun; if they like it, they may become a loyal client. Thus, it might serve as a preview of your brand’s offerings. Shouting out to your Instagram followers after they win may increase their enthusiasm and encourage them.

Then let’s look at some contest ideas you can use.

Tag to Win

Tag-to-win contests are easy to implement and enjoyable. Participants are asked to tag a friend in the comment section so that their friend may also participate. In addition to increasing your organic reach, the contest style is quite effective. When individuals are tagged, they are likely to receive a notification. These individuals will then see your profile and may decide to follow you. There is the possibility that others may also be tagged as well. As a result, a viral feedback loop will be generated, attracting more contestants.

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Additionally, you may invite others to follow your account to enhance the impact of this feedback loop further. If you choose to be courageous, you might request that they tag two individuals. This will boost the reach of your contest. Once the contest has concluded, select a winner by random selection from the comments section.

An automated method may be deployed to ensure the objectivity of the contest. If one of the entry requirements is to follow your profile, ensure that everything is in order by comparing the winner’s account with your list of followers. Alternatively, you may wish to use the “nominate a buddy to win” contest structure. Instead of asking people to tag a random individual, you might suggest that they tag a friend they believe is deserving of winning. As a result of this style, the contest winner will be the person who has been tagged, not the person who made the first comment.

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Selfie Challenge

This type of contest is a perfect fit for Instagram, which is perhaps the world’s selfie capital. A selfie contest is especially effective when it comes to merchandise. Participants are encouraged to upload a photo of themselves while using your product or with it in the background. As an excellent example of user-generated content, this contest structure benefits businesses by allowing prospective buyers to learn how to utilize a product.

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In the description of a selfie contest, develop a unique hashtag and request that participants use it when posting their images. It is possible to locate the images posted for this contest on Instagram by searching for the hashtag. After the contest has ended, choose the image which you consider to be the best. When designing the rules for a selfie contest, ensure that the possibility of utilizing the material in the future is included.

It is possible to utilize user-generated material for social proof purposes. Similarly to the “like-to-win” example, the selfie contest structure can be combined with the other contest styles. You may republish the contest materials long after the contest has concluded. Participants may also need to like the post announcing the contest and share a selfie to qualify for the contest.

Like to Win

In this Imginn Instagram contest, entrants must like your post to be considered. You might consider using the slogan ‘double-tap to win’ since double tapping a picture on Instagram automatically likes UK. It is also possible to request that participants like your brand on Facebook, thus increasing your contest’s exposure and influence. To get more followers, explain that participants must also follow your profile.

Picture Contest

A picture contest resembles a selfie contest. However, followers are not asked to take selfies. Instead, they can take any photograph they wish. As previously mentioned, participants are required to submit images using a custom-made hashtag. This hashtag is searched on Instagram to identify the winning picture. In this type of competition, a tangible reward is not always necessary to be presented. It is sufficient to inform participants that their contributions will be featured on your profile.

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Voting Competition

The following steps are involved in a voting competition:

  • Individuals are requested to post material with a defined hashtag. Your profile could be tagged in the description.
  • Your fans can search Instagram using this hashtag and vote for their favorite image. The easiest way to collect votes is to ask them to like the image they believe should win.
  • The contest winner is determined by the number of likes received.

Challenge Contest

It may be an excellent idea to conduct a challenge contest if you need to organize a contest quickly. You can design a simple task for participants to complete, and the winner will be the one who completes the task. The difficulty does not need to be complex.

A simpler competition attracts more social interaction and participation on average, and the only requirement is that participants predict the number that the account owner is considering for this contest. The contest structure is straightforward and low effort, making it an excellent option for Instagram contest beginners. The spontaneity contributes to the profile’s genuineness, which helps to improve long-term engagement.