Rent Agreement and Clauses for Foreign Tenants in Bangalore
Rent Agreement and Clauses for Foreign Tenants in Bangalore
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Are you a foreigner looking for a place to stay in Bangalore? Or are you a landowner looking to offer a place for rent to foreigners? Here is a brief look into the rent agreement and rules that are applicable to foreign tenants in Bangalore:


The Rental Agreement and Clause applicable for foreign tenants are not very different from that which is offered to the resident tenants. No discrimination is made based on the fact whether you are a foreigner or an Indian. 


However, there are certain rules and regulations as well as guidelines placed by the police and legally enforceable by the Foreigners Act that have to be adhered to. This is done in order to ensure the safety and security of both the landlord as well as the tenant. 


  • Check out the passport and Visa of the tenant for validating their identity as well as visa expiry.
  • Overstaying the visa is illegal. The tenants should have this readily available and should provide a copy to the landowner. The tenant should retain the originals. 
  • The landlord should provide the information collected from the foreign tenant (i.e., visa and passport details of the foreign tenants) and submit the same to the nearest police station within 15 days of their tenancy. 
  • The owner/ authorized person has the authority to ask the foreign tenant to vacate the premises once their Visa has expired. The Indian police force is also responsible to monitor the visa expiry and stay of the foreign tenants in Bangalore and to deport them upon expiry of the Visa. It is advisable to renew the Visa ahead of time in order to avoid this situation. 
  • Foreign nationals should also have residence permits. 
  • The landowner who is extending his/her property for rent to a foreigner should create a rental agreement for the duration of validity of their Visa. Thus, once the agreement period is over, the tenant should vacate the premises or upon extension of the Visa the rental agreement can also be extended. 


These are a few important points to be aware of, if you are a foreign tenant in Bangalore or a landlord who is offering his/her property for rent in Bangalore. 

How can SANGAU Property Management & Rental help?


SANGAU has been helping foreigners in Bangalore find a safe and secure rented home with assurance to the landlord of their reliability. We make sure that the foreign tenants are informed about all the rules and regulations before signing the rental agreement and also make sure that everything conforms to the legal framework that has been laid down by the authorities. 


SANGAU takes the responsibility of collecting the foreign tenants’ verification documents such as copies of VISA, Passport, etc. and informing the concerned police station of their tenancy, on behalf of the landlord. 


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