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Savour and Aura is a promise of providing superior quality essential oil, fragrance and spices straight from the farm to your home.

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    Infuse Art & Aromatherapy in Your Life

    There is considerable evidence pertaining to the benefits of art therapy ov...

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    Indulge in Self-Care & Re-Create the definition of "I"

    Let’s clear up one common misconception from the get-go: Self-care is not s...

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    Why Should You Choose Oil-Based Fragrances ?

    We all love wearing perfumes. The wonderful and captivating smell is someth...

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    Essential Oils for Men's Skincare | Savour & Aura

    Men, or at least some men who care about their skin, use a variety of produ...

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    A Good Sleep in Sync with Essential Oils & Nature

    It’s no secret that we love searching for ways to improve the quality of ou...

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    History and Significance of Indian Fragrances

    India has been a land of olfactory indulgence — this is where ittar, incens...

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    Practicing Yoga and Aromatherapy for a Healthy Mind and...

    Aromatherapy and yoga are both ancient healing practices focused on physica...

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    DIY Rainy Day Diffuser Blend With Essential Oils

    When we think of the ideal rainy afternoon, we imagine ourselves curled up...

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    Boost Nourishment with Carrier Oils - Savour & Aura

    In a world that is full of adulteration, everyone is now switching towards...

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