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Manufacturer and Exporter of all kinds Standard and Custom Fasteners. For more info Contact us at:

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    Important Points to consider about Eye Bolt

    DIC Fasteners is a Manufacturer and Exporter of Eye Bolts. We offer eye bol...

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    What are Hex Slotted Nuts and their Features?

    DIC Fasteners is a Supplier and Exporter of Hex Slotted Nuts. Besides Hex s...

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    Significant Points to Know about Hex Nuts and Square Nu...

    The Nuts are commonly used in conjunction with malting bolts to fasten mult...

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    Understanding the Concept of Elevator Bolts

    DIC Fasteners is an Elevator Bolts Supplier and Exporter. We also specializ...

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    Solid Reasons to Choose Industrial Sems Screws

    DIC Fasteners offer Sems Screws in various sizes, grades, and materials as...

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    What are the common Types and Applications of Machine S...

    DIC Fasteners is a Machine Screws Supplier and Exporter in various countrie...

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    Common functions or Applications of Square Bolts

    DIC Fasteners is a Square Head Bolt’s Supplier and Exporter. Square bolts a...

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    Hanger Bolts | Hanger Bolts Suppliers | DIC Fasteners

    DIC Fasteners is a Hanger Bolts Suppliers, that has a machine screw thread...

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