Top Rated Freight Forwarding Company in Dubai
Top Rated Freight Forwarding Company in Dubai
SLR Shipping is the most popular and professional NVOCC & freight forwarding Company in Dubai. We are experienced in Non-vessel Operations and taking care of all types of shipments for individuals and large corporations.

Freight Forwarding Company in Dubai which aims in providing you services of domestic and international transportation, freight forwarding, custom brokerage, order fulfilment, shipping coordination, warehouse and inventory management and trade consulting services. We are giving you a quick, trustworthy and regular connection across the globe and give you the desired result of what you need. Shipping Services is one stop solution for all logistic and supply chain requirements. 


As we are an international Freight Forwarding Company in Dubai are aimed and designed particularly to serve all types of projects through partners, agents, and strategic alliances across the globe. Partnering with Logistics Services ultimately allows a merchant to concentrate on other aspects of their business. 

When a customer places an order online, products are then automatically shipped from the logistics ’s warehouse. Because our process is simple and hassle-free with Logistics, customers never think twice about the handover between received orders and fulfillment. That gives ecommerce merchants the scope to do what they do best: develop, market and sell products. For many successful ecommerce companies, shipping Services have been and will continue to be the best service provider. 

Our company works to fulfil its objectives as mentioned below 


  • To provide its clients safe, reliable, efficient and quality shipping services with all legal requirements.

  • To be a major player in shipping and Freight Forwarding activities and to continue exploring opportunities in respective fields.

  • To be a major player in shipping and logistic activities and to continue to explore opportunities for diversification of growth of the company. 

  • To be a profitable, trustworthy and socially responsible shipping and logistic company.

Achieving excellence in quality services and management systems.


The vision of Logistics and Freight Forwarding Company in Dubai is to emerge as a strong team of disciplined performers in the field of shipping and other associated activities. 

The logistics takes pride in being a responsible and socially committed owner, placing focus on the safety of cargo, products and environment it operates in. Today, our company has emerged into a high quality and safety conscious company. 

Not surprisingly, our company received numerous appraisal and positive feedback from various ecommerce merchants and our regular customers for excellence in customer satisfaction, on-time work completion and operational efficiencies. 

It also continues to invent possible areas for diversification into shipping related services and to also provide efficient and competitive shipping services. In spite of working in a competitive world, Logistics Shipping Services has managed to race ahead by adopting strategies from time to time. 

Freight Forwarding Company in Dubai truly consists of all the components for emerging as a truly world class international shipping company. The endeavour of the management is to facilitate the release of boundless energy and initiative, which will channel the growth and prosperity of the company.