Tips to Improve Hiring Process for Job Recruiters
Tips to Improve Hiring Process for Job Recruiters
Hiring process also needs improvement to convert applicants into employees. It needs recruiters to make their process better by clearly mentioning the job title/role, compensation and CTC.

The candidates look for a refined recruitment process, which is an efficient, productive and pleasant experience for both candidates and hiring teams.

There are many placement agencies, for example reinforcement consultants, which come with creative ideas to improve their hiring process. It helps them to convert applicants into employees.

Here is how the job consultants or recruiters can improve their hiring process.

·        Provide useful and specific job roles

It is a clever trick to attract as many candidates as you want to register for job openings. List down all duties and responsibilities, including projects that are going to align with or about the teams they will work with. Separately mention “must-have” and “may-have” requirements so that only interested candidates will apply

·        Keep job titles straightforward 

Make it clear that you need the hiring for what job or profile. Never use the words that maybe good for attracting clicks, but unable to onboard any person. Avoiding unclear or suspecting titles would also be good, such as “Freshers have an Opportunity”. Rather, mention “Apply for a Computer Operator role”.

·        Mention what your company is

People are curious to know where they are going to apply for a job. So, create a compelling profile while adding all reasons to join it for the candidate. Keep it to-the-point and specific. Do mention the benefits of joining it.

·        Disclose salary package

Professionals often hunt for the job with a good package. It is certainly the case of experienced professionals who avoid applying with the recruiter that does not disclose it. Some companies and recruitment agencies make it clear when the last round of selection is over. The interested candidates always want to get a proper salary disclosure in advertisement. If exact payout cannot be disclosed, mention the approximate range.  

·        Share incentives and compensation

Currently, what happens during job interviews is that the compensation is discussed in the last stage of all rounds of the hiring process. It puts candidates in a tight spot where their decision-making goes through a tough process. It’s not a trade secret. Fairly, one should better state in the beginning rounds of the interview, which spares him with enough time to think about joining.

·        Keep your application process short

Most candidates dislike lengthy application processes. Applications that can be filled out in less than a few minutes make them happy. To make it happen, ask candidates to upload their resume or CVs with a cover letter. Enclose some qualifying questions to answer. Keep them simple and relevant. It’s better to avoid asking such details that you can easily find in their resumes.

·        Update online

With the advent of digital age, people are more likely to search for online jobs. They want to know all about the company, its culture, team and career opportunities. Once impressed, they often visit the career page to look for an opening. So, ensure updating job openings on the website’s career page.

·        Use clear and inclusive language 

Avoiding jargon and complicated words help them to understand easily about the profile. Using these things may confuse them. Additionally, never use discriminatory language as young and energetic people are invited. Let all professionally trained and experienced people to apply actively.

·        Keep candidates in the loop

Candidates are eager to know about every update throughout your hiring process. Setting up reminders can help you to follow them up with screening or interviews. Besides, send a mail of rejection to the ones who did not make it up. You should ask for their opinions and experience during the interview process.