Offshore Company in UAE – Benefits
Offshore Company in UAE – Benefits
UAE is well-known for the ease of doing business. Besides, there are sound infrastructure, banking facilities, economic facilities to support. This helps the investors to invest in UAE in an offshore company which in return helps them to flourish.
  • There is no tax obligations and accounting charges.
  • Above all, 100% tax free registration in the UAE.

Why to choose an offshore company?

There are many factors that make UAE an ideal location to setup an offshore company.

The Tax Relief – 100% tax exemption is one of the major benefits of offshore company setup in UAE. It provides clarity for businessmen to take part in various business activities. Therefore it makes them to invest in UAE. There is no built-in tax. Income tax, corporate tax and personal tax is taken, so ensures great return on money.

The Lower capital requirements: Setting up offshore company requires less capital.

The Easy Incorporation – Formation of an offshore company is fast and simple. The cost is much lower than the free zones or the mainland companies. To register an offshore company, there is no requirement of physical presence of shareholder and physical office space.

The Secrecy – All the data and records of shareholders, board members and principals are kept secret. There is maximum level of secrecy. In other words secrecy is one of the important advantages in running an offshore company.

The Complete Ownership – Even foreign investors or owners enjoy 100% ownership. There is no need for a local partner.

The Asset Protection – Helps in protecting company’s intellectual property, the real estate and other assets by creating a legal separation between the creditors and the company’s assets.

There is no Double Taxation – There is a Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTTA) among countries. In this the taxpayers and the international residents have no need to pay tax in two countries.

The Reduced Administration: The directors of the offshore company has less legal duty, and the need for the physical office can be exchanged with the virtual office which is cost-effective.