Medical Fitouts
Medical Fitouts
construction of medical and dental clinics. For more information visit our website.

Medical Fitouts

MedicalFit Out

Genesis Projects – Healthcare, Dental and Medical FitOut Company


Genesis Projects is a healthcare practice fitout company specialising in the design and construction of dental and medical clinics.With over 20 years of experience we have become experts at delivering fitout projects with a focus on functionality, aesthetics and compliance. Our team is dedicated to creating long lasting relationships, providing cost and time effective solutions and ensuring client satisfaction. We provide a hassle free experience by taking care of all aspects of your project and delivering it within budget and on time.

In order to achieve an appealing and practical result;thorough client briefings and detailed project analysis are crucial. A comprehensive understanding of the businesses objectives and the clients vision must beattained in order to commence design.

The design process involves thedevelopmentof a floorplan with efficient space planning and the selection of interior finishes. Space planning is essential for the practicality and functionality of your workflow. It ensures that your practice is well arranged and well equipped to meet the requirements of your business. Interior design involves the selection of all finishes in your practice including colours, textures, surfaces,furniture and fittings. With tonnes of creativity and an impeccable attention to detail our designers will help you to get the look and feel you envisioned for your practice.

Our indepth knowledge of healthcare fitouts ensure that your practice is designed and built in compliance with Australian standards.The design will be constructed according to the design specifications signed upon. Leave it with us, we will take control of the entire construction process leaving you with a stress free experience.

To avoid complications it is vital to use a healthcare fitout specialist like Genesis Projects. Our extensive knowledge and experienceis guaranteed to leave you with a productive healthcare practice.

Our healthcare design and construct services include (but are not limited too): dental practice fitout, medical centre fitout, physiotherapy fitout, medical specialist fitout, veterinary fitout, radiology fitout, general practice fitout, pathology clinic fitout, hospital fitout and allied health fitout.