What is digital marketing: and how does it work?
What is digital marketing: and how does it work?
“ Digital marketing It is a form of online marketing, in which business is done through online medium, selling or showing the product online is called digital marketing”. Today, in this article, we will tell you what digital marketing is, how it works, the process of digital marketing, & through which platforms it is done, etc.

What is digital marketing?

When we sell our product through online mediums, it is called digital marketing, we run advertisements in digital marketing so that people can see more and more of our product.

Its foundation rests on an advertisement, digital marketing is often done in a paid way only. Paid marketing on Google's SERP page is run through google ads .

Let's say: that you are selling an online course, and you have got your course page ranked on Google. So when a user searches for the keyword online course, then your page is also shown in the results. He clicks on the link on your page and sells the online course. So the online course was sold through digital marketing. This is digital marketing.

How does digital marketing work?

digital marketing which is marketing done online. The meaning of digital marketing is to do it online, if we do it by any method or any platform, then we will do it online, “Digital marketing is the process through the internet”,

In this, work is done through the Internet. Like – we ran an ad on Facebook, in that ad we are selling a shirt, a man came and he liked that shirt and went to the website to buy it and he bought that shirt. This is the process of digital marketing of process, this is how digital marketing is done.

Future opportunities in digital marketing

The way the world is progressing, people are also progressing in the same way, earlier people used to go to the market to buy goods and bring them back, but nowadays people rarely go to the market to buy goods.

People order everything online, due to which nowadays people have started coming online more than offline, the main reason for this is the Internet. Because of this people have started going online more. And for this reason, the utility of digital marketing is increasing.

Talking about career in digital marketing in this online world, there is absolutely no shortage. Digital marketing has also become a major part of marketing, due to which the scope of careers in this field keeps on increasing. The company needs people to do online marketing. You can become more people.

The way online shopping is increasing, in the same way, career opportunities in this field are increasing day by day. So you can make your career in this field.

types of digital marketing- 

How digital marketing is done is the types of digital marketing. Like - SEO, PPC, CONTENT MARKETING, SMM, E-MAIL MARKETING, AFFILIATE MARKETING, & MOBILE MARKETING.

Digital marketing This is the marketing that is done online, digital marketing is being used in all the products that are being sold online. Digital marketing done in different ways are the only type of digital marketing.

content marketing  This is such a word, which is the base of marketing. It is impossible to do marketing & sales without content, whether it is traditional marketing or digital marketing, we need content in both types of marketing.

We are doing any type of digital marketing. Like - Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, &  Mobile Marketing  If we do not have content in any marketing, then we cannot do marketing.

Content is said to be the king of digital marketing. And it is planned like King for all digital marketing platforms.

search engine optimization (SEO)-

SEO whose complete search engine optimization is. It is known from the name itself that we have to optimize, we have to optimize our website and rank it on the search engine results page. SEO is an unpaid strategy, using which we can rank our page.

If we look at the worst way to do digital marketing, then it is SEO, because, through search engine optimization,  we can sell our product by ranking our website organically on the search engine results page.

search engine marketing- 

If there is a lot of talk about bringing sales by investing money in digital marketing, then the name Search Engine Marketing (PPC) comes into it. PAY PER CLICK, which is known by its name that PER click will be paid, has become a part of search engine marketing because this base is mostly used for running paid ads on search engines.

social media marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Marketing (SMM) is among all the  social media platforms. Social media marketing is a part of online marketing, in this, we can do our marketing through social media.

The way the world is moving forward, the use of the internet is also increasing. Nowadays the internet has become a need of people. People spend maximum time on social media. Therefore, given the circumstances, maximum marketers want to bring their marketing to social media, and the importance of social media marketing has increased a lot in online marketing. Due to this, it is an important part of digital marketing.

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing, which is known by its name, has affiliate linking. This marketing is commission-based. Which is based on only one commission, we promote the product in Affiliate Marketing, and if someone sells a product through us, then we get the commission of that product. This is Affiliate Marketing.

Email marketing-

By whose name it is known that we have to do marketing here, that too on email. Email marketing  This is the most unique way of digital marketing, through which we can do digital marketingThis is a different type of marketing, if compared to other digital marketing methods, then the method of this marketing is completely different from them.

In this, we do not fight for ranking. This is strategy-based marketing. Marketing in email marketing without a strategy is very difficult.

mobile marketing-

This marketing is such marketing, is being done for specific smartphones. As the use of smartphones is increasing, this marketing is growing. Nowadays, every 2-3 people have smartphones, due to the increase in the use of smartphones, it came in the form of marketing.

The specialty of this marketing is that it does not pay attention to many things, this marketing is done for mobile & tabletWhatever templates are made in this, they become mobile-friendly and tablet friendly.

What is digital marketing strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is one in which no work is done without a strategy. In which there is a caste of marketing based on a strategy,
strategy is a big factor in digital marketing. It is also called Strategy Based Marketing.
In this marketing, we use the Aida model for strategy

Aida models are strategies used in marketing. It is used in both traditional and digital marketing.
This is an effective strategy. Many marketers use this strategy. Today we will tell you in detail about this model.

AIDA whose full form is. (Awareness interest desire action).

  • 1. Consciousness
  • 2. interest
  • 3. desire
  • 4. action

These four steps make use of the strategy in digital marking. By following these four strategies step by step, we can take marketing to a bigger level.

  • 1. Consciousness

This is the first step of any marketing. In this, we spread our brand and products. So that people can know about our brand. And more and more awareness can be spread. In this step, we will attract the attention of a maximum number of people.

  • 2. interest

The second step of the Aida model is that we have already spread awareness about our brand. In this, we will create an interest in people towards our product.
We can bring this interest with good offers and by giving free consultancy.

  • 3. desire

Desire is the third step of the Aida model. In this, we have to spread the desire for our product to the user. Whenever the user gets something related to our product, then our name should come first in his mind. The user should have a desire for our product.

  • 4. action

This is the last step of the Aida model in which we need action. When the user has come to know about us, will be interested in our product, and a desire will arise in his mind, then we have to take action at that time. Action means we have to sell our product. We can sell the product with a good offer.

benefits of digital marketing- 

Marketing I have great sway over online marketing. In this era, maximum marketing is done online only. Due to the benefits available from this, more and more people want to do their marketing on digital media. If we talk about the benefits of this, then its benefits are as follows.

high reach

low-cost high conversion

increase visibility

awareness increase

target audience


performance analytics

exact targeting

easy to service provide

easy to communicate

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