Instagram Influencer marketing
Instagram Influencer marketing
Gain credibility, brand exposure, and authority on Instagram. By gaining thousands of Instagram followers you position yourself to be a trusted source of information thereby attracting even more followers and making the sale easier. Through Instagram influencer marketing we work with celebrities and micro influencers to place promotional giveaways that drive thousands of new followers to your account each month.

Celebrity Influencer Burnout: Are we done with Influencers?

A recent article published by Jowi Chan, global head of content at Linkfluence, posed a question that marketers need to address. “Are we done with influencers"?  Have we reached what we call influencer fatigue and if so, is it a great idea to use influencers to grow your Instagram?  

In 2021, several studies pointed out that celebrity influencers can't influence us anymore. The marketing world may be done with traditional tap-down influencer marketing.  Celebrity influencers influence only 3 % of consumers to buy any product.  Why so? Let's explain it with an example. Let's say Lady Gaga promotes a beauty product, people know the images are photoshopped, and the chances of the celebrity using the product are minimum.  So, who is responsible for social media burnout, and most importantly, what is influencer fatigue.

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