Increase Member Engagement via Outbounding Marketing Methods.
Increase Member Engagement via Outbounding Marketing Methods.
If you want to increase member engagement, retention, and participation, you need to know how to increase member engagement via outbounding marketing methods.

If you want to increase member engagement, retention, and participation, you need to know how to increase member engagement via outbounding marketing methods.

Increasing Member Engagement Via Outbounding Marketing Methods – Why it Works

The best way to retain members is to engage them. Better engagement methods will also motivate them and increase their participation in your organizational activities. You will ultimately get much greater value from your members if you engage them the right way. Phone calls are a vital way of interacting with your members for eliciting a positive response and motivating them to proactively participate in your organization’s activities.

There are several ways to increase member engagement and activity levels. For example, you can motivate existing members and recruit more members via membership benefits, perks, and special offers. However, for members to truly take notice and take time to consider what you are putting on the table for them, you will have to engage them proactively. Sending out mass emails is not enough. You should call up members to inform them of the advantages they can enjoy through the benefits and perks that you are putting on offer. Engaging members via the phone is bound to evoke a more enthusiastic response than just sending out mass emails.

Outbound marketing methods can work just as well even if you are not offering anything new. The simple act of picking up the phone to inquire about their experience is very helpful for motivating your members to continue renewing their membership and interacting with you in more meaningful ways.

The Power of Phone Calls

But why do phone calls work so well compared to other methods like emails?

Phone calls involve much greater personal connection, empathy, and social interaction. Emails, on the other hand, can feel very impersonal in nature. Few will disagree that talking on the phone with friends and colleagues is much more rewarding than just reading their emails.

Phone calls extend several benefits that emails simply cannot. With phone calls, you have several factors going in your favor like real-time social interaction and conveying your emotions through your voice. These key attributes are simply not available in emails. Even if you send a voice message via email, there is no real-time interaction.

We tend to be highly appreciative when we receive a warm and cordial phone call from friends and well-wishers. However, emails simply don’t evoke the same level of enthusiasm.

Thus, you members will be far more thrilled if you call them up rather than send them emails.

Why Phone Calls are Better than Emails

We inherently tend to put less value on emails. The key reason for this is that with most emails, you are one of several hundred or thousands of members receiving the same message. The process is automated and thus rather impersonal. You are not receiving any special attention. You are just one email address on the mass mailing list rather than being given the special human treatment that you so truly deserve. Put more bluntly, emails are a lazy shortcut to mass messaging thousands with minimal effort. It should not come as a surprise then that members will not be terribly excited with receiving the same message that has been sent to numerous others. It just feels like an automated process – which it really is.

Even if you send emails with the best intentions, most of them will remain unopened. Since mass emails are relatively impersonal and devoid of real-time engagement, members will not feel motivated to go through mass messages.

Phone calls are a very different story. With a phone call, you are interacting proactively and giving special attention to each and every member. You are making every single member feel special and deeply valued. When you lavish attention individually on your members via phone calls, you improve their perception of your organization and their experience. Bearing these facts in mind, it is not hard to see why phone calls can elicit a much more positive response and boost member engagement.

Your members will feel flattered and highly valued when you call them up one by one. Unlike mass emails, this is not just another automated process where the same message is being sent in one click to innumerable others.

Your members will deeply appreciate the fact that you took your time out to reach out to them individually. This is an emphatic way of expressing your high esteem for every single member of your organization.

There is a lot more about phone calls that they will appreciate. Real-time social interaction is something that we all intrinsically crave since it is at the very core of our human nature. But besides the incredible psychological value, there are other major benefits to real-time social interaction.

For one thing, members can communicate with you freely on the phone. Whatever issues they might be facing, they are free to explain it all. You have the splendid opportunity of easing their concerns, suggesting solutions for their issues, and giving your personal assurance. Members are also free to express what they like, which will obviously give you the chance to personally express your gratitude and thank them profusely.

Therefore, phone calls are a great way of taking feedback and member suggestions. With phone calls, you are sending an emphatic message that their opinions are being taken seriously. This is much better than emails, where feedback tends to pile up in the inbox never to be read. There is a big difference in taking opinions and feedback by phone call versus emails. With the phone, you have the power to use personal charm and charisma – important facets that can sway member opinion in your favor and influence them positively. There is no room for such interaction with emails though.


Gen Leads knows what it takes to use outbound marketing methods for increasing member engagement. We can put our marketing skills at your disposal so that you can elicit a better member response, retain more members, and recruit more so that your organization continues to prosper and flourish.

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