Build a better database for a better business
Build a better database for a better business
Here are some reasons to build better database for your business using database cleansing and database creation. Give it a read and enhance your business growth right away.

Build a better database for a better business

For example, your LinkedIn profile tells me about your experience, skills, and hobbies. Your Twitter feed tells me what you are doing today, maybe even what you had for lunch!

Inbound marketers have never had more access to data about decision-makers, and they've never had a better set of tools for managing that data. And yet, most businesses are limping along with out-of-date and incomplete data in their databases. Here are seven suggestions for ensuring your database is driving your business forward and not holding it back.

Audit your customer data

Make sure you're on top of your customer service! Read all valuable information about customers and their needs that any other relevant materials - including vision and mission statements, product descriptions, sales brochures, etc. It is essential to keep up with any communications sent by customers or generated even before they contact you! Newsletters or forums? You name it – make sure to read it before dealing with complaints as they get increasingly trickier each time. Reconstructing conversations: what exactly did the customer say? Did you understand their needs properly? Did you handle their complaint properly? What else should have been said? How does this tie in with your vision and values? How can one improve customer service for a better reputation for the future?

Decide what information you will collect.

The main aim is to communicate relevant, helpful, and accurate information about prospects and customers. It is essential that only necessary information be collected for the sales and marketing process (if you collect information about golfing behaviour on prospects who have not engaged with your brand yet, it is irrelevant).

Structure the data

You can't always be there to take care of your data, so one way you can do this is with database creation rules and validation. This will help ensure things are entered consistently and that the database isn't littered with entries that need to be deleted (ahem, like certain instances where Associate Directors were listed as being only an "Associate").

Expand the database

When dealing with databases, it is essential to keep in mind that when we utilize them, some particular precautions need to be taken and any potential damage that might occur, whether it's physical or digital. There will usually be two types of information available within the database when utilising a database cleansing. The first is private data that is very important and should be handled professionally and never shared even with those who work closest with you. The second type of information found within a database has to do with business transactions; these types of data are considered public because they're not as vital as private information but still need to be handled professionally.

Fill the gaps

Some data agencies will go the extra mile by providing businesses with all the information they need to reach their potential clients. Some can even provide business owners with a list of phone numbers and email addresses! However, not everyone has all the contacts they need to succeed, so it is still essential to do a little extra research on your own.

Develop a regular maintenance programme

A piece of content is usually read for about twenty-five seconds. Some people will get tired of reading and leaving your site before completing the article.

Get sales and marketing to talk to each other.

Marketing is increasingly communications-centric, not just in the sense that you need to communicate with your target audiences, but in the ongoing development of channels and ways of communicating.


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