Why High-pressure Cleaning Is The Best Option For Your Roof Tiles
Why High-pressure Cleaning Is The Best Option For Your Roof Tiles
Showtime Restorations recommends high pressure washing as part of roof repair in Sydney because most Australian homes have tiled roofs.

A clean house is not complete without a clean roof. Oftentimes, the roof is one of the most neglected parts of the house in terms of cleaning and maintenance work. Indeed, it’s not easy to clean the roof because it is hard to reach and it is unsafe to go up on the roof without proper equipment and training. However, homeowners should not ignore their roofs. They can hire roof experts in their area to assess the condition of their roof and provide the best solution. Roof specialists may advise a long unkempt roof to undergo a high-pressure cleaning before starting other roof repairs.

Expert companies for roof restoration in Sydney consider high pressure cleaning the best option to keep it clean.  Reading this blog can help us understand why high pressure cleaning of roofs in Sydney properties are getting more popular.



For houses with roofs made out of wooden or acrylic shingles, low pressure cleaning is the best option. This type of cleaning services includes the use of cleaning agents or chemicals. A wooden roof shingles is cheaper but not that durable. Doing a high pressure wash on it can cause severe damage to the roof.

Most of the time, Australian properties do not opt for this kind of roofs because it is not durable enough to withstand the harsh weather conditions in the country. Chemicals used in low pressure cleaning can have negative effects on the condition of the roof and its surroundings. It is important to cover all plants that may catch the chemicals from cleaning the roof.

Low-pressure cleaning method is not advisable to be used on concrete or clay roof tiles. The chemicals used in this process is not powerful enough to remove certain roof stains and dirt.


Australia experiences different harsh weather conditions all throughout the year. For that reason, most house owners prefer using durable roofing materials. They choose concrete or clay roof tiles, Colorbond or iron roofing.

These roofing materials are not a good candidate for a low pressure cleaning that uses chemicals. Using a lower pressure in cleaning cannot remove the deepest dirt on concrete and terracotta roof tile. High-pressure cleaning can do a better cleaning job as advised by CSIRO.

If the house uses a rainwater tank, it will be enough to blast all the dirt, moulds and debris on your roof tiles. Here are some of the advantages of using high pressure cleaning on roof tiles:

  • It does not use chemical agents.
  • It increases the longevity of the roof.
  • It removes all types of debris.
  • It protects homes from moulds and algae infestations.



Cleaning the roof is a risky job. Let expert roof cleaners perform high pressure cleaning to your roof tiles. They can do the job systematically and finish with great results. One of the best company for roof restoration in Sydney is Showtime Restorations. Aside from being a gutter cleaning service expert in Sydney, we are also known for doing the best high pressure cleaning services on different roof tiles. Moreover, we also do all kinds of roof repair and restoration in Sydney.