the ugly truth about pragmatic play slot online
the ugly truth about pragmatic play slot online
the ugly truth about pragmatic play slot online

Perhaps the best male chastity advice I can give to any man who's seriously thinking about asking his wife to lock him in orgasm denial is this: be careful what you wish slot pragmatic play for! And this is...

Male Chastity Advice

From a woman who really does know what she's talking about, since I live a 24/7 lifestyle with my husband, John.

You see, most men have the fantasy all worked out in their heads, often planned over many years and down to a remarkable level of detail.

But there's a fundamental flaw in their thinking which shall now reveal: in all your fantasies, you fantasise about what you want and you get it; but in the reality, you get what she gives you.

And take it from me, even though most women are ambivalent at best, and even reluctant to play the male chastity game, when she starts to experience the pleasure she gets from keeping you locked... well... just don't say i didn't warn you!

Now, that's all a little tongue in cheek, because it's important to make sure you both go into it with your eyes fully open. So here are three pieces of the best male chastity advice you'll ever get:

Now, if you trawl the internet and look on the blogs you're going to come across a lot of hype, nonsense and downright lies -- all masquerading as 'male chastity advice'.

But if you're going to look for advice, then you know it makes sense to get it from a sane, sensible and genuine 24/7 lifestyle