The Great Sleeping Experience
The Great Sleeping Experience
The size I bought this time is 1.8*2.0m and it still matches my bed quite well. Because of the use of non-tem

The Great Sleeping Experience

The size I bought this time is 1.8*2.0m and it still matches my bed quite well. Because of the use of non-temperature sensitive memory foam, it has a very characteristic rebound. Even if you press hard enough, it will slowly return to its original state within seconds. My little one loves bouncing on the bed and is more excited than anyone to see that we have a new mattress. Here I have captured the bouncing of the mattress in slow motion at 240 frames. In the short time between stepping on the mattress and jumping up, the memory foam has almost completed the recovery at the same time. I've been sleeping on this mattress for almost half a month now, and as far as I can tell, this memory foam mattress is more comfortable than my previous latex mattress.



The key is that it wicks and breathes well for long periods of time and is not as damp as before. Thanks to the three-zone spot support system, the foam feels slightly less supportive in the upper and lower body, and slightly stronger in the hip and lumbar area. In this way, the support is adjusted to the different parts of the body, resulting in a more relaxed and straight spine in the sleeping position. In addition to the surface comfort layer of memory foam, the chassis system of nearly 1,000 pocketed springs also blocks the disturbing forces generated by your partner getting up and turning over during sleep. When you get up early to make breakfast for your child, you don't have to worry about waking them up with too much movement. So I feel that a memory foam mattress for children is really better than a latex mattress. The two of them have just slept for not more than an hour, and they have started to fight in bed again. The SweetNight mattress has the right balance of being slightly soft when standing up, but just right when lying down.


I was quite afraid that the mattress would break, but when I think of how quickly the memory foam recovers under prolonged compression, I'm not so worried that it will break easily. There is also a 10-year overall bed warranty and a 30-year spring warranty, so there's even less to worry about.


The whole experience, SweetNight mattress so far, has brought me the feeling of basic satisfaction, of course I still need more test sleep time, to see if this mattress in the end is suitable for me, after all, can be 100 days unsatisfied with the return of the refund, ha ha!


  -- Good Night

The SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress is the same compressed coil memory foam mattress that I've just seen, and it's a lot smaller than a traditional mattress.

Inside is a mattress roll, an unpacking knife, a carry bag, a user guide and the smallest card, a 100-day free trial return card.

The entire spring area is supported by three zones, i.e. the upper body, hip and waist, and lower body have different spring support strength to cater for the physiological curve of the human body.