The Art Museum
The Art Museum
Art museums are often thought of as old, stuffy buildings that showcase paintings and sculptures that date back hundreds of years, but that isn’t the case with modern art museums.

When we think about visiting the art museum, we think about roaming through quiet spaces decked with antique paintings and sculptures. We conjure images of red velvet roped areas that keep the viewer from something old and valuable. We see ourselves peering into rooms filled with paintings illuminated by under lighting and told by brief captions. The art museum is a place where history adorning walls and floors tells stories from the minds and hands of some of the greatest artists ever. The art museum is a place where one can go to understand and appreciate art as well as to feel inspired, amazed and amused. Here a few reasons to visit some of the country’s great art museums, including the Art Museum Milwaukee, Art Museum St Louis, the

New york metropolitan museum of art

and the Museum of Art Philadelphia. Visiting the art museum is a feel good experience. Art museums are proven to create happiness in people because they provide positive personal interpretations. That means, we get to play judge to some of history’s greatest artworks, and that makes us happy. We are free to roam and decide what we like or don’t like while critiquing various forms of art. Of course, visiting the art museum can also be meaningful because you are in the company of artwork, some of which was created by art geniuses and masters. Museums are also proven to make you smarter. That is, a particular area of study, time period or an idea, often inspires those who engage in trips to the art museum. They become sources of inspiration where viewers can learn more about the arts and begin to cultivate a fondness of art appreciation. It’s impossible to leave a gallery without gaining knowledge and insight. Museums are effective teaching tools because they are devoted to informational education. A trip to the art museum exposes visitors to in depth information in a museum environment that allows people to create their own experiences and learn about subjects that interest them. The art museum continues to be a place for ongoing discussions among learning institutions regarding the museum’s ability to connect to visitors through informal learning. They are also great places to get trinkets and mementos by visiting the Met museum store and other art museum shops and boutiques. So, get to the art museum and get inspired. They are some of the only on site centers that foster a sense of personal connection with visitors. They are the places where memories and personal experiences never expire.