Teachers older than 30 are banned from teaching! CHINA ESL JOBS
Teachers older than 30 are banned from teaching! CHINA ESL JOBS
CN ESL JOBS agency offers you a Golden Gift !!!
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As part of the reform for educational Renaissance, the new age limit for a prospect teacher has been changed from 40-45 to 30 to 38 years instead in some countries!!!!



I know what are you thinking about after you read this announcement, but as we all say “Every problem has its solution!”

CHINA ESL JOBS agency does not care about your age as long as we trust your teaching skills and abilities. 

CHINA ESL JOBS agency will help its educators from all around the world to get out of their burrows. As we all know, the second person that participates in raising a child after parents is the Teacher, and every teacher has a powerful passion of raising that child through promoting his learning, motivating and pushing him forward. CHINA ESL JOBS agency has the ability to support you improve that passion. 

As we have an effective contact with the greatest educational institutions in China, we get you a large choice to select the institute that you are preferring to work in, whether you choose kindergarten, training center, primary school or others, we assist you to arrange an online interview with the school you have chosen, moreover, we help you to get a high salary with a cozy and a single apartment near of your work place. 

CHINA ESL JOBS long experience in recruiting different teachers, let us notice that one of the biggest concerns for a tutor is to work legally with low costs, therefore, we CHINA ESL JOBS agency will aid you to get your required documents prepared and get your legal working visa (z visa) with free fees. 



As long as you are working under our agency, we will always support you through taking care of your life needs and your interests. Contact us through WhatsApp +8615537161901 or email us through or visit our official website


CHINA ESL JOBS services will always be in your comfort!