Star Fantasy Writer Laurie Bowler Is Back With a New Book — Mythical
Star Fantasy Writer Laurie Bowler Is Back With a New Book — Mythical
This book adds another feather to the surprise package that she packs in her books.

NEWSDESK, AUGUST 28, 2022 - Star fantasy writer Laurie Bowler is back again with her latest authorship in the genre — Mythical. This book has come after a fair bit of a sabbatical that she took specifically to focus on the penmanship of this book. After much tantalising pomp and splendour Mythical has finally graced our bookshelves again and is currently being read and told by hundreds of thousands as we speak. In fact, since the release of the book this past 1st of June, the buzz around her book has steadily grown as one of the best books in the fantasy genre in recent years.

Mythical, as Laurie Bowler puts it, is a work that closely resembles a lot of reality that we generally see around us and ignore. Reality is mirrored in a world where mythical beings are forbidden to have feelings, to get passionate or to experience anything with humans — something that is believed would digress them from who they are. Until one day, when the protagonist Ezekiel breaks that cardinal rule and is caught gallivanting in the Elfland. Now that he faces a certain death, how will he save himself? And how will he, if he will, save Elfland from a dangerous plot that was just uncovered?

"It has just been a couple of months and the response from the readers has been amazing. Thanks to my idol J.R.R. Tolkien for introducing me to a new world of fantasy that I would gobble up as a child and that ended up having a lasting impression on me. That is when I decided I would be a fantasy author. Mythical as a book is very close to my heart and when people read the book, or the Kindle ebook, they will understand why. Undertake this journey with Ezekiel and find the clues with him, friends! Let's go!" said an elated Laurie Bowler.


Mythical is a fantasy fiction book written by popular author Laurie Bowler. The was released on 1st of June, 2022 and is available on the Amazon website for purchase.


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