Role of DNA Test in Discovering Ancestors
Role of DNA Test in Discovering Ancestors
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Role of DNA test in discovering Ancestors

DNA testing is currently a reliable source for society, particularly for investigation purposes. Everyone is different genetically, and therefore, it is a convenient method to identify a person. DNA is similar to the fingerprint of a person, which can't be changed. There are different forms of DNA testing services, such as DNA tests, which people perform for peace of mind and legal purposes, but one of the most common testings in DNA testing is Ancestral DNA testing.

Ancestry DNA Test: The use of DNA testing procedure to know the person heritage is called an Ancestry DNA test. In this method,individuals categorize into four different subgroups, such as Asian, African,European, and Native American.

Some people have identical features such as eyes, hairs, or skin color, and these features help to determine their particular ancestry. The trouble arises when parents of individuals belong to different geographical areas because, in such cases, it becomes tough to examine generations of blended ancestry. Ancestry DNA testing services make it possible to identify the dominating traits of individual personality.

This test performs on individual DNA, which parents pass to the next generation and remains unchanged for many generations. Paternal Lineage tests determine male ancestry by analyzing the Y chromosome. Similarly, maternal ancestral heritage is determined based on mitochondrial DNA, which usually passes from mother to offspring.

GPS Origins DNA Test: Nowadays, people can come to know about their roots by a simplified yet more advanced tool known as GPS origins DNA test. It helps to determine the history of a particular DNA around 1000 years, and even more.This test describes the migratory patterns of DNA from a place where it wasformed by relating to communities at distant locations to create a genome that is identical to a person performing the test. GPS origins DNA test kit is available at an affordable price of Rs.17000.