Principles for a successful family life
Principles for a successful family life
The family is the only place in the entire Universe where a person knows for sure: there are no enemies around him

For the newly-minted "holiday" of the family, July 8, I traditionally publish another portion of reflections, often provocative, on this ever-burning topic.

However, this time I do not have such a "fighting" attitude, which invariably visited me on this day in previous years. And instead of provoking my readers again, I decided to simply “shake off the old”, remembering the wise words that “the new is the well forgotten old”.

Four years ago, when we were celebrating the silver wedding, friends invited me to share my experience - “ What is the most important thing in a family to be 25 or more like this? "The question seemed to me so important and interesting that the answer to it, which turned into a whole treatise" 7 principles of successful family life”, Which caused quite a heated discussion in Matchfinder, where I first published it.

In subsequent years, as we took part in discussions on family life, the original text, as expected, was overgrown with additions and corrections (for example, the principles were no longer seven, but nine), but, in my opinion, its relevance is not lost.