Most efficient ways to comprar código de barras
 Most efficient ways to comprar código de barras
When planning to sell new products, creating and buying códigos de barras for these is a top priority. Knowing that you need to comprar código de barras if you want to go large scale business, is key. Also, one should acquire the right type from the right provider to fit its needs.

Most efficient ways to comprar código de barras

When do you need a barcode?

Usually, if you are selling items in lower quantities and in more individually oriented places códigos de barras are not needed. For example, selling at a local family market will probably not require having one, but anything from a corner shop to a hypermarket will. The secret lays in the quantity of the product. Selling mass-produced items means huge amounts of data that needs to be stocked and traced. You cannot do that manually with a big number of products. Not respecting this rule will result in a business that cannot expand more than a certain point.

If you do own códigos de barras for your products you can manage stocks easily. You will know with almost complete accuracy how many are sold and how many remain. You can also trace their position in transports.

Other aspects will be improved as well if you comprar código de barras, especially if you are a business owner. Your clerks will scan items fast, which will result in smaller queues. There is also the possibility to add self-checkouts.

When creating original ideas, these might be prone to piracy and counterfeiting. Since nobody wants to have their intellectual properties stolen, producers can fight back by adding one of a kind information into the barcode. This will ensure the origin of the item is not fraudulent.

Small business owners can opt to print the codes by themselves. They can find personal printing machines that can create labels of different sizes. This way they can make etiquettes for different shaped creations.

Types of codes and providers

Since their invention, the codes have expanded greatly in use and variety. This is why for new producers it could be a little confusing when shopping for bar codes Knowing exactly what type of business they have or plan to have will determine what type to buy. To comprar código de barras is a relatively simple process. First, you need to decide which type suits you best. There are quite a few available:
• Code 39
• Code 128
• Interleaved 2 of 5
• Universal Product Codes (UPC)
• International Article Number (EAN)
• PDF417
• Data Matrix
• Quick Response (QR)
For retail needs, UPC and EAN fit best and for warehouse and distribution the Interleaved 2 of 5. All the other ones can be used for this purpose but are not so efficient since they aren't designed with retail in mind. They are great for other objectives, for example, the QR code is excellent for generating online traffic. If you plan to have a website or social media profiles this might be a good solution.

Usually, barcodes are regulated by GS1. They are a non-profit organization that have introduced this technology in 1974 generating improvements all-around. They were the most important provider. However, from august 2002 they started asking for renewal notices. This resulted in people starting to buy preowned barcodes, as a more viable solution.

Buying a used barcode has some great benefits. It can be a lot cheaper, with no renewal fees and it can be used immediately after purchase.

An important characteristic of a code is whether it has a prefix number or not. If it does have a specific one it means that it is bound to the country of that number’s origin. Buying without prefix is an advantage as it would make the technology available worldwide. The products can just be shipped to the stores and go directly to sale. Take for example products mass-produced in Asian countries that come with an already printed barcode.

There are a few stores as exceptions that do not accept preowned codes. For example:
• Walmart
• Costco
• Macy's
• Kroger
• Bloomingdale's
• Home Depot

From an economic standpoint buying preowned is safer. Not only you do not have to pay renewal fees but you can resale them. Producers should acknowledge the fact that if they buy from GS1 and they stop paying the annual fee, their ownership will end.

Resource box: It is in a producer’s best interest to comprar código de barras in order to increase efficiency but finding the códigos de barras that suits their needs is the most important factor. Try searching online for good providers.