Momentum Adopts Technology to Monitor Clients’ Health
Momentum Adopts Technology to Monitor Clients’ Health’s ability to remotely extract vital signs using only a smartphone camera allows Momentum to offer additional benefits to their clients’s ability to remotely extract vital signs using only a smartphone camera allows Momentum to offer additional benefits to their clients

South African Insurer Momentum announced today that it has partnered with, a leading provider of video-based general health and wellness monitoring tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The partnership will be able to tap into new health data sources and provide a series of enhanced and intuitive benefits to its clients.

Creating an alternative to wearable health monitoring or home-use medical equipment,’s innovative technology allows any smartphone, laptop or tablet to extract vital signs just by the user looking into the device’s camera and initiating the measurement. It extracts the largest set of vital signs available from a mobile device today by recording heart rate, heart rate variability, blood oxygen, respiration rate, mental stress and soon blood pressure. A full measurement scan is completed in one minute, with medical-grade accuracy.

“We welcome’s technology as part of our vision to provide more health to more South African’s for less. It provides our clients with a tool to measure key vitals and offers us alternative sources of health data to assist with early intervention and referral to our digital doctors if needed,” says Margot Brews, Head of Health Risk Management at Momentum.

Momentum integrated’s Software Development Kit (SDK) into its Kimi Screening, currently available to Momentum life insurance applicants and health clients that are part of a management program. The application uses a variety of objective sources of data to assess a client’s health and highlights any potential long-term health risks.

“Momentum is a perfect partner for as our visions and missions combine in numerous use cases such as wellness, healthcare and insurance. We are happy and proud to work with a leading player such as Momentum and to help people in South Africa and beyond enjoy the many benefits of our combined technologies. We look forward to the many great features we will keep adding and their use with Momentum clients,” says David Maman, Co-founder and CEO of

“Kimi Screening and’s technology is highly valuable as we envision new opportunities to help our clients intelligently monitor their health and support them with personalized, preventive care solutions. The interactive risk model enables early identification of risk and importantly opens a window of opportunity in which we can intervene to create vital links to care. This significantly increases the delivery of essential healthcare services to anyone, no matter how far they are away from a medical consulting room, just by using a smartphone,” says Margot Brews at Momentum.