Modern Coronavirus Problems Need Modern Enterprise Communication Solutions
Modern Coronavirus Problems Need Modern Enterprise Communication Solutions
How An Invisible Enemy Changed The Way We Look At Conducting Daily Business Permanently.

NOTTINGHAM, UK (May 02, 2020) - Coronavirus has brought the world economy to grinding halt. No one can say today X industry or Y facility or Z group of workers are unimportant. It has rather been the opposite. So how do we go about conducting essential business to counter this pandemic and other similar calamities in the future? 

EFFICIENT COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - The value of not just external but internal communication system, not just for corporate giants but also the smaller enterprises. Sophisticated communication and state-of-the-art secure technology to protect intelligence and communication process for effective interaction has to be the norm. NEC Enterprise has presented the businesses a unique solution in SME Phone System and VoIP phones for small business just for this reason. 

SWITCHED-ON AND MOBILE STAFF - A switched on staff is a business maker. Effective use of modern technology, specifically our VoIP phones for small business, makes staff reachable at any time and operating at a demonstrably optimum level. The same technology brings companies secure communication systems for staff to be better and agile at their work. 

WORK FROM HOME - Ensuring as many people as possible working from home connected to company's PBX network, adapting to workflow system, virtual team collaboration, access to relevant files and multimedia and a secure workspace - A Smart Workspace. The SME Phone System will work wonders for such a purpose. 

CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT 2.0 - The internet and telephone operating system has seen a spike to the point of crashing. When this is over, this new habit can be harnessed to engage customers in a fresh way for doing business. 

While Coronavirus has exposed our vulnerabilities, it has also heightened our awareness to a world whose face has changed suddenly and dramatically. What businesses learn out of this will decide how they survive when normalcy returns. 

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