Letgo clone app: A simple platform to sell and buy items online
Letgo clone app: A simple platform to sell and buy items online
Our Letgo app clone comes equipped with all the top features that are customizable and white-labelled.

Letgo clone app: A simple platform to sell and buy items online

With the advent of digital technology, there are new methods of establishing a business online. One such platform is Letgo. It is a C2C marketplace to sell products. Letgo app was launched by Alec Oxenford, the former CEO of OLX in January 2015. Before going on with developing an app like Letgo, it is important to understand the working of Letgo:

How to use the Letgo app?

It is one of the successful marketplaces that allow people to purchase products from reliable customers. After understanding the app's workflow, developers can easily understand the key attributes of it and build the Letgo clone app efficiently.

Letgo app allows users to purchase a wide range of products from shoes, cars, sports goods, gardening-related tools, and many more. For posting the ad, users must log in via email, Facebook, or using Google Plus. The details such as name, profile picture, and other details are directly imported by the app to increase your trustworthiness to prospective buyers.

For every ad, users can post upto five images along with a description for every image. The buyers can connect with the users and come to an arrangement. The main difference between Letgo and other online C2C marketplace apps is that this app only allows users to sell through direct communication. Therefore it is not possible to ship the goods. Sellers may courier their goods but the app does not provide any provision for that. It encourages people to buy and sell within the locality they belong to. This is one of the significant aspects that attract more customers to the app like Letgo is that they can view the product before purchasing it.


People prefer these apps as they offer a reasonable price for products that are almost brand new. Entrepreneurs can get Letgo clone apps from Appdupe and enjoy the perks offered by online business.