Laser engraving with students at school
Laser engraving with students at school
Lasers are very versatile and can be incorporated into a variety of courses.

Laser engraving with students at school

We've also found that Atomstack laser machines are very popular in schools outside of the classroom, as they can also be used to create student or teacher awards, cut classroom signage in-house, create promotional products for school fundraisers, and more. ) depending on the course topic and course, we have seen lasers used in a variety of courses including

From smartboards to tablets, 3D printers to laser cutters, more and more schools are bringing hands-on interactive technology into the classroom. Whether it's industrial technology courses, art labs, schools and universities adopting new technologies in the classroom, they are attracting more students and developing active learners. The laser cutting/engraving system is fast becoming one of the most popular tools in the classroom, or in some cases, building an entire curriculum around it. Laser cutters are versatile, easy to use and safe. Not to mention it's very fun to use. What to cut and engrave with the students with a laser machine.

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Why do we work with students on laser cutting and engraving projects at school?
What is education? Education is about helping our students find a way to connect them with the world. Who do we need to nourish in the future? We have no shortage of people who don't change anything, copy the work day in and day out. If so, machines can do it. We have a shortage of creative people in every industry. We lack children who can develop new products, new technologies, unknown worlds, new ideas. How we raise children in this way is the responsibility of every teacher and the hope of every parent. Owning an Atomstack laser engraver can help your students connect them to the world. Here are the two main categories where we see educational facilities adding laser technology: specific courses for custom applications, and first we'll look at the different types of courses that use lasers. From industrial workshop courses to art to architectural design, schools are discovering lasers' powerful tools for engaging, inspiring and educating students. Lasers in the classroom develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, foster creativity, encourage peer collaboration, and develop more engaged and successful teachers.

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The versatility of lasers means that there are naturally some hidden benefits to incorporating this type of equipment in your school. If you want to share all these money-saving ways to use a laser engraver outside the classroom, or if you want to keep them to yourself, you can decide!

Awards and Plaques

Your school gives out many awards each year - why not create your own custom awards and trophies using a laser? Creating and crafting custom rewards can be expensive. Bringing these services in-house can have a positive impact on school budgets.

School Signage

Schools are required to put up signage throughout the campus. Customize classroom signs for teachers and room numbers in just a few quick steps. Directional signs can be created to guide students and visitors through campus, or even building signs can be created to showcase your school mascot.

Fundraising Campaigns

How about something involving a laser machine when your school plans its next fundraiser? Can you custom etch a laptop for donation, or make a commemorative laser-cut holiday decoration for sale? Or make a special etched keychain with your school logo. Ideas are endless!

Booster Gifts

Are you looking for a special gift for a school booster? How about a cozy fleece with the booster name and school logo? Or a personalised travel coffee mug or water bottle? Even the simplest gift can mean so much more when customized with a laser.

Club Use

Does your school have a club that uses lasers? Imagine what projects an engineering club or art club could create by using a laser system. Lasers can even spark ideas for new clubs, such as the Architecture Club, that can use lasers for architectural modeling projects!


From sporting events to dance to science fairs, lasers can bring huge benefits to your school. Students can use the laser to create signage for events, create custom giveaways, and add laser cutting to science projects.