If you are a pet parent struggling with the nuisance barking habit of your furry friend

If you are a pet parent struggling with the nuisance barking habit of your furry friend, a neighbour or your dog’s trainer might likely have recommended for you to use an anti-bark collar.

dog watch collar is an innovative training tool that helps with your dog’s uncontrollable barking habit. These collars workcombined with a positive behaviour modification technique and with proper training, you can teach your dog to stay quiet, especially when the mailman arrives, a bird flies into your yard and at midnight when everyone in your neighbourhood is sleeping.

After some research about antiquated shock collars, you will discover this ‘wonderful’ training tool actually delivers a shock to teach your dog to keep calm. Like every other dog parent, you only want the best things for  your dog and would straightforwardly reject such a product that might harm your pet. Here, you need to understand the difference between e-collar and shock collar.

These anti-bark training devices are extremely popular. Here we discuss the innovative and high-tech e-collars vs shock collars – let’s find out the difference between them. 

E-collar vs shock collar

If you look at the bigger picture, both e-collars and shock collars appear to do the same thing and pretty muchaim for the same outcome. However, if you don’t want to face legal repercussions or hurt your dog, you would not want to buy a shock collar.

Shock collar is a term used interchangeably for e-collar, however, the previous one is illegal in Australia. It is outdated technology and definitely not the right thing to modify your dog’s nuisance barking habit.

Shock collar is an older technology, where no regulations were applicable regarding the stimulation levels. Whereas, the new age e-collars are permissible in certain Australian states with closer regulation. These collars work on innovative technology and deliver mere vibrations to distract the dog.

Do e-collars hurt?

E-collars, which are equipped with the latest technology and programmable correction levels are not at all inhumane. When used sparingly, e-collars are the best training tool for hyperactive breeds that don’tlisten to your cues to stay quiet.

You need to pick a brand that manufactures reliable, tested and assured quality products with all the hi-tech features like vibration option, bark forgiveness, adjustable settings and progressive correction levels.


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