Tips to write synthesis essay
Tips to write synthesis essay
A synthesis essay should be written while considering the subject line, because a writer should focus on the main idea and must be built on it.

Tips to write synthesis essay

How to write a synthesis essay ?


The basic definition shows that "synthesis essay is a type of essay that requires an individual to come up with a claim or a stance and then expand on it with the help of different resources and point of view"

In some of the cases, a writer is already given the stance to work on, while in other cases students have to find one by themselves. In both cases, it is crucial to develop a body of argument or stance and prove it with the help of research and references. The list of research contributions can be the research, articles, research papers observations, essays, and even interviews. Collectively, a college synthesis essay is all about building a strong building from the information that is already available in the form of different versions.

Writing an AP Lang synthesis essay follows the same technique as the other essay but the only difference is the underlying refinement that needs to be considered. Following are the steps that a writer should follow while writing an AP Lang synthesis essay

  • Giving a close and exegetical reading to the provided sources
  • Analyzing the text in detail
  • Designing the point of view for the essay
  • Writing a well-defined conclusion
  • Using either an APA or a Chicago style to cite the resources.