Home Buying Guide | Choose the Perfect Place to Find Your Future Home
Home Buying Guide | Choose the Perfect Place to Find Your Future Home
Home Buying Tips & Property Guide: How to select the best locality to buy a home/apartment in bangalore? Follow these Top 5 smart ideas and important steps given by our real estate expert to determine the location before owning a home. Check out our Blog for new updates.

Home Buying Guide | Choose the Perfect Place to Find Your Future Home

It is easy to get tempted to purchase a house depending solely on its structure. Especially, if it ticks all the checklist points you would have for the insides of your dream apartment. However, it’s equally important to assess if the location your top property is in, suits you in every way possible. You may have your potential dream home in hand but if it’s located in an unattractive neighbourhood (think high crime rates, no schools, etc), you may have serious trouble reselling the home later. What’s worse, it may even be a nightmare to live daily.

Why is location of a house important?

Location is key to appreciating real estate, especially if in an area that is centrally located with all amenities making it a hot spot. Choosing a ‘supreme’ location is, therefore, what translates to profitable investment and must be assessed carefully before deciding to buy a home. The next time you are out shopping for premium property, consider the following factors that will help assess if the location it is in is worth it.

Luxury Quotient

It is important to ascertain the purpose of the flat you are looking to own. Will this be a retirement home or is it solely for investment purposes? Knowing the reason will help you narrow down the key factors needed to make the property more attractive for residing in. For example, if it is for investment purpose, choose a residential property that is centrally located with key amenities in close proximity to make it desirable for renting/resale. Instead, if you choose it to be and ultra large house, it makes sense to be away from the hustle-bustle of the city.

Accessibility and Infrastructure

One of the most important factors to look out for is if the builder’s property supports easy commuting. Whether it is driving a car, a bike or using public transport, it helps to have the property placed in a prime location that has easy access to transportation. A short walk to a local metro station, bus stop or a 15-minute drive to the nearest airport is attractive to buyers for the sheer accessibility factor. When you begin your search for the perfect neighbourhood, it’s worth paying attention to how far your intended community is from public transit and other major highways. Also, calculate how long the commute will take from work/school on a daily basis, wheelchair facility if you have elders in the family.

India is no stranger to the heavy monsoons and the waterlogging that follows. Unfortunately, this has led to poor roadways and hampered the quality of infrastructure. When you pick a suitable apartment building, ensure it has connectivity to good highways and roads that are maintained.


Are you someone who enjoys lively surroundings and prefers being amongst a sea of amenities like restaurants, shopping malls, grocery shops and family attractions? If so, it’s worth considering a property that has these amenities within 10 minutes radius or at walkable distance. Consider options of nearest hospitals, pharmacies, laundry service, petrol stations etc. too for convenience.

If you are a family with kids, it’s very important to consider how far the nearest school is and if it has a good rating. This is particularly important if you intend to stay in the locality for a longer period. There may be future plans for new schools to develop in the locality, it’s worth keeping an eye out for the same and choosing a best location based on these.


Probably the only solid advice a real estate company in Bangalore, India would give you, always focus on what the property value will be in the future. While the location and present facilities of your own luxury home are important for resale, future plans that include schools, hospitals, public transport and other infrastructure can improve project value in the area.


A home is truly where you park yourself daily to rest, relax and rejuvenate for the next day. The last thing on your mind should be a worry about how safe you and your family are against all possible dangers in your locality. A property that is neck-deep in a neighbourhood that has high crime rates or poor security measures in place, is likely to have poor value in real estate market. The property value of a safe neighbourhood with safety measures in place and a community feel is likely to be more inviting for people to live in.

If there were two sides to a coin when owning a home, it’s the best location and the actual property itself. Location is a stable criterion to consider including objective factors as mentioned above. Considering these home buying tips will ensure you get to enjoy appreciation for the valuable future investment you made, over time.