Facebook’s Giphy introduces ‘Hire Me’ option for freelance Artists
Facebook’s Giphy introduces ‘Hire Me’ option for freelance Artists
Facebook’s Giphy recently pushed out the ‘Hire Me’ option for freelance artists associated with animation and graphic designing.

Facebook’s Giphy introduces ‘Hire Me’ option for freelance Artists

Facebook’s Giphy recently pushed out the ‘Hire Me’ option for freelance artists associated with animation and graphic designing. This in-app feature will enable the users to add the hire me option in their profile to let the recruiters know that they are available for hire. Various companies and brands will now be able to hire freelance artists and offer them work. This feature is indeed a great initiate by the Giphy app. It will provide unlimited opportunities to those freelancers who otherwise found it harder to adjust to office work. This initiative will also create new employment opportunities for those whose professional life was derailed by the raging pandemic.

Giphy– A brief overview

Giphy is an online database of short looping videos, GIFs, memes, and images. Users can post their content on this platform, and they can share the pictures and videos created by other artists. Its mobile app enables the user to spruce up their conversations through Emojis and text libraries. It was acquired by Facebook on 15 May 2020 for a reported sum of $400 million. 

Giphy was co-founded by Alex Chung & Jace Cooke in the year 2013. Since then, it has achieved a substantial user-base & popularity, with millions of users subscribed to this platform on the first week of its launch. Initially, the co-founders launched the website of Giphy, which was acting solely as a search engine for GIFs. After gaining a lot of appraisal from its users within weeks of its launch, more features started getting added. The website allowed its users to post, share, & embed GIFs on Facebook. Later on, the website got integrated with Twitter-a milestone!!!

Growth & partnership

In 2013, PC Magazine recognized Giphy among the Top 100 websites 2013. Giphy has many prominent brands as its enlisted digital partners, such as Tumblr, Fox ADHD, Frederator, New Museum, and many more.

Freelancing-A new trend

Freelancing has gained a lot of popularity nowadays as more and more professionals are adapting to this work methodology. It is one of the most convenient ways of working-as, you are already aware of, but it does create some complications for those associated with unpopular professional domains. For instance, content development is the most significant sphere of influence for the freelancing industry, while sales and marketing don’t engage freelancers much. Notwithstanding anything above, freelancing provides freedom and autonomy as you may choose your working hours at your convenience. You may complete your projects following a schedule that fits your lifestyle. In fact, the earning prospects in freelancing are pretty handsome, as well.

How Freelancing & Giphy are connected??

Almost every sort of work in the service sector can be done through freelancing. The most popular freelancing field is content development, including image creation, video creation, memes, GIFs, etc. Giphy has exceptionally enhanced the demand and job prospects of those associated with graphic designing and animation development. Users can view, upload, and share the stuff and engage with their audience. 

#New feature-A game-changer for Freelance graphic Designers

Giphy will now be offering niche work opportunities for freelance artists through the Hire Me option. Artists can make themselves open on the platform, and potential employers may contact them for work. This will facilitate the hiring procedure as tiresome processes will be by-passed. This new feature is a blessing for many content creators whose professional life was affected by the ongoing pandemic. The app will now connect the audience with the service providers in a highly productive manner.


The newly launched feature of the Giphy app will prove as a blessing for freelance content developers. It will also ensure the enrichment of the Giphy website with creative content.

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