DNA Test Cost in India
DNA Test Cost in India
A DNA test is one of the most reliable tests and the only way to establish the biological relationship between two or more people.

DNA Test Cost in India

A DNA test is one of the most reliable tests and the only way to establish the biological relationship between two or more people. The DNA Testing Cost is inclusive of the pre-requisites, testing costs, documentation, and the and final delivery of results. The DNA Test Price in India largely depends on the type of DNA test used. You can get yourself from the following DNA tests depending on your requirement:

 Paternity Test: The test determines the biological father of a child. This type of test may cost your around 14,000 INR.

Paternity Trio Test: The test involves the alleged father, alleged mother, and child. The test double confirms the paternity by comparing the childs DNA pattern with those of the alleged father and alleged mother. Cost of a DNA test for Paternity with mother’s involvement may cost you approximately 21,000 INR.

Maternity DNA Test: The test determines the biological relationship between a child and the alleged mother. This test also costs the same as the regular paternity test.

 Siblingship DNA Test: The test establishes the relationship between alleged siblings as full-siblings, half-siblings, or not related. The DNA test Cost in India for Siblinghip may come in the range of 21,000 INR.

 Grandparentage DNA Test: The test determines the possibility of the relationship between the grandparents and grandchildren. It is an alternative to maternity or paternity DNA testing when the alleged mother or father may not be available for the test. It also costs around the same as the Siblingship test.

 Paternal Lineage Comparison DNA Test: The test tells us about our paternal ancestry, consisting of only the males. It analyses the DNA pattern of the Y chromosome. For a female to get a Paternal Lineage DNA test, she must submit either her father's or the brother's DNA sample.

 Maternal Relative mtDNA Comparison Test: The test determines if two or more individuals are related through the maternal line. mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) is present in both men and women, but only mothers pass on this DNA to their children. The DNA test cost for of any type of Ancestry test, can range between 20,000 - 30,000 INR.

 Relationship Reconstruction DNA Test: The test is also called the genetic reconstruction test. The test involves a series of DNA tests to determine the relationship of a child with the alleged father. The cost of DNA test in this case is variable.

 Prenatal Paternity Test: This test is done during a womans pregnancy period. Accurate test results are available within 7 business days. The cost of DNA test increases if an expedited results delivery is required. A Prenatal Paternity Testing never does Prenatal Sex Determination of the unborn baby. A Prenatal Paternity DNA test cost may go higher, in the range of 1,00,000 INR.

 Immigration DNA Test: Immigration DNA Tests are often required by both the parties (petitioner and the beneficiary) for proving their genetic relaitonship with each other. The Immigration DNA Testing Cost depends on the type of test performed, and also on the country for which the visa and the immigration are sought for. Various configurations for Immigration DNA Testing, including paternity tests, maternity tests, grandparentage tests, sibling-ship DNA test, etc., are available.

 Ancestry DNA Test: The Ancestry DNA Test decodes your past. You can know about your family history, like where you lived, from where you migrated, etc., through this test. The cost of DNA test may vary depending upon the type of information one is looking for through an Ancestry DNA test.

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