DEF Plays an Important Part in Trucks, And Semi Trucks
DEF Plays an Important Part in Trucks, And Semi Trucks
Diesel exhaust fluid service Iowa is a vital component in igniting the chemical process that keeps the hazardous gases produced by diesel engine operating out of the environment.

If you've ever heard the phrase "DEF" and wondered what it meant or had any concerns about how it's used then Diesel exhaust fluid, or DEF, is a standard part of practically all diesel-powered engines.

Lowquality DEF usage might impair your car's ability to reduce dangerous NOx emissions as well as shorten the life of the selective catalytic reducer system. Furthermore, using subpar DEF can cause deposits, injector/filter blockage, and poisoning of the catalyst.

Deionized water and urea make up DEF. These compounds aid in converting nitrogen and water, two common elements that make up the air we breathe, from the dangerous sort of diesel engine pollution known as nitrous oxide. For a layperson, filling the fluid is challenging. DEF is a dangerous chemical that crystallizes when it comes into contact with air. In order to ensure that it is filled correctly in your car, it requires the expertise of certified mechanics.

This fluid is crucial for maintaining the federal emissions limits established by the Environmental Protection Agency for heavyduty vehicles and equipment (EPA). Due of these criteria, DEF is a common chemical utilized in almost all diesel engines today. In the chemical reaction that takes place in selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems, DEF serves as the reducing agent.


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Electronic devices used by A&A Truck and Trailer Repair for diesel exhaust fluid service in Iowa, monitor DEF levels, so you'll need to keep a watch on your dashboard for any DEF related warnings. Our professionals can better guarantee that the fluid is filled when filling, keeping you in compliance with emissions requirements.


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