Data Infrastructure Company Evervault Achieves HIPAA Compliance
Data Infrastructure Company Evervault Achieves HIPAA Compliance
Evervault enables developers to encrypt and protect sensitive data, without disrupting developer workflow

Evervault enables developers to encrypt and protect sensitive data, without disrupting developer workflow

Evervault, a company building simplified encryption infrastructure for developers, today announced it will enter the U.S. healthcare market after successfully achieving compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Evervault’s technology is well positioned to help developers address the rising issue of data security in this space, which experienced more than a 50% increase in data breaches in the last year alone.

With HIPAA policies and procedures now in place, Evervault can and will enter into business associate agreements (BAAs) with customers looking to maintain HIPAA compliance by making it easier to encrypt, process and transmit electronic Public Health Information (ePHI). Evervault’s current status signifies the company has achieved the highest level of compliance standards.

“Data privacy is more important than ever, especially within the highly sensitive healthcare industry. With runaway data breaches on the rise, encryption remains the most important security tool for data privacy in this space,” said Shane Curran, founder and CEO of Evervault. “Our next-generation infrastructure allows organizations for the first time to encrypt, process and share sensitive information without plaintext data ever touching their own application. This is a game changer for the healthcare industry and many others.”

Evervault’s first partner in the healthcare space is Vital, a company allowing developers to integrate health data from wearable devices and at-home test kits. Vital is using Evervault to encrypt all communication via its application programming interfaces and to process and share sensitive health data. Evervault’s encryption services bolster Vital’s security measures and allow the company to provide its developer customers with complete control over who has access to their users’ data and datasets. Additionally, Evervault prevents unauthorized parties from ever having access to plaintext user data or proprietary datasets so that even when breaches do occur, the lost data is encrypted and unreadable, so ePHI is always protected.

“We believe that the healthcare apps of the future will be built in a private and security-first way,” said Maitham Dib, founder of Vital. “Evervault enables us to encrypt the data we collect from wearables companies and our lab partners, so developers can securely access this critical health information without putting their users at risk.”

Achieving HIPAA compliance is one of Evervault’s initial steps towards becoming a leader in healthcare cybersecurity. Its compliance status highlights Evervault’s mission of maintaining the highest standards of cybersecurity, while showing a genuine commitment to partnerships in the healthcare, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. To date, Evervault customers have encrypted over tens of millions of fields of sensitive data during its closed preview and more than 3,000 developers are currently on its waitlist to gain access to the general launch this fall. For more information, visit

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