Best NFT gaming Marketplace to earn money
Best NFT gaming Marketplace to earn money
What are game NFTs?

NFT games are blockchain games that lets the game purchase in-game assets. These assets can be anything varying from weapons and tools are acquired by the gamer for completeing a task. These assets can be sold to other users within the game or on the NFT marketplace. 

Play-to-earn games 

Play-to-earn games reward participants with digital cash or non-fungible tokens. In recent times the P2E model of gaming has gone mainstream and has become an important component of the Metaverse environment. 

NFT gamers for earning money

Axie Infinity:

This game draws inspiration from Nintendo’s Pokemon. In this ethereum based game, players are required to breed and collect NFT based digital pets called Axies and pitch them for battle with other players. 


This game is formatted in such a way that it combines elements of NFT into a card trading gaming genre. The players buy cards from other players and accumulate them. They even acquire cards by winning player vs player matches where the gaming skills determine the winner. Meta cricket league: is an gaming NFT marketplace which has one-of-its kind NFT. The marketplace launched the World’s First play-to-earn cricket NFTs. The marketplace witnesses a ground breaking record by selling out 55,000 NFTs in less than nine minutes. The marketplace recently launched the world’s first play-to-earn NFT cricket game - Meta Cricket Legaue. Players need to have one bowing or batting NFT to be part of the game. 


Play-to-earn games have helped the gamers change their perspectives towards gaming. Gamers are now able to play and earn money at the same time.  From entertainment to considering games as a mainstream profession, gaming has come a long way.