Are dog shock collars and electric same?
Are dog shock collars and electric  same?
When a dog doesn’t follow the command to stay quiet, the nuisance barking habit leads dog owners to the selection of the best dog trainer collar.

When a dog doesn’t follow the command to stay quiet, the nuisance barking habit leads dog owners to the selection of the best dog trainer collar.


While searching for a training collar that discourages barking, most pet parents face the common challenge of so many confusing terms used for training collars. Some call it a shock collar, while others use the term electric dog collar.


If you just go by the name, these collars would deliver an electric shock to the dog. Pause for a while and think, which dog parent on earth would even buy a product to give a shock to their pet? That makes sense right! If a shock collar is inhumane, why are brands selling such products? Why do trainers  recommendelectric dog collars in Australia? Let’s dive deep and find out answers to all your doubts.


Difference between shock collars and electric dog collars

Whether you call it a shock collar or an electric collar, both these terms are used interchangeably for a product being used for controlling the nuisance barking habit of dogs.


All these products are marketed as training tools, but these are actually not shock collars. Yes, you read that right.

The term ‘dog shock collar’ or ‘electric collar’ are both inaccurate words that are used interchangeably for a completely different product. These incorrect terms are commonly used for e-collars or electronic collars that are manufactured by many world leading brands to control the nuisance barking habit in dogs.


The shock collar has become a common term, which is used to describe e-collars -  not a shock collar that actually delivers an electric shock.

On the other hand, an electronic collar is a totally safe and humane way to discourage barking behaviour. These collars do not deliver an actual shock as the high-end technology works on e-stimulations. The correction levels are minimal and barely dangerous for even a puppy. The collar gets activated by the dog’s barking vibrations and only delivers a static correction with adjustable levels. Depending on the age and nature of your dog’s breed, you can choose the desired stimulations to distract the dog and control their barking safely.


Where to find the best e-collars?

When searching for dog collars in Australiayou may use the search term ‘shock collar’ or ‘electric collar’ but rest assured these training collars are not going to hurt your dog. You may also find a vast range of legit dog trainers at Hidden Fence.


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