Additive manufacturing of polymer-based structures by extrusion technologies
Additive manufacturing of polymer-based structures by extrusion technologies
Extrusion-based Polymers for Additive Manufacturing allows for the layer-by-layer dispensing of material through a nozzle or orifice at the macro, meso, and micro scales, allowing for the production of three-dimensional structures with complicated cellular architectures.

Polymers for Additive Manufacturing and their composites are one of the most extensively used materials, and their tremendous potential for many uses, particularly in the medical, military, aerospace, and automotive industries, has piqued interest in the field of Polymers for Additive Manufacturing.

When compared to their bulk counterparts, architected polymer-based structures provide significantly better material attributes such as low density and good mechanical performance.

The wide variety of materials utilized for extrusion printing, numerous architected structures, and their mechanical properties are discussed in this study of extrusion-based AM techniques.

The most significant developments in newly produced polymer and composite materials, as well as their future applications, are outlined.

Finally, future research in extrusion-based AM on generating high-performance ultra-light materials using polymers and their composite materials is explored, as well as perspectives and insights.


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