A feature-rich DoorDash Clone app to thrive your food delivery business
A feature-rich DoorDash Clone app to thrive your food delivery business
Our expert team of app developers crafted a Doordash Clone Script with novel features that assist you to establish your food business. Reach out to us today!

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The on-demand food delivery industry is thriving with passing days. However, the convenience of ordering food at any time of the day and getting it delivered within 30 minutes is the ultimate reason behind the growth of food delivery apps. 

The popularity of such apps has started to surge over the past few years. Even though the Covid-19 pandemic has hit, the food delivery industry has not declined, witnessing astonishing growth.  

 According to the recent stats, DoorDash is one of the prominent food delivery apps that has seen an increase in revenue from $850 million to $2.9 billion (2020). It has over 18 million users and among these, the vast majority of users are in the United States. 

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur who aims at launching a food ordering & delivery app, the DoorDash Clone will be an ideal choice. Besides, this readily available app solution will empower you to enter the flourishing online food delivery sector within a few days. 

Remarkable features of DoorDash Clone: A seamless user experience 

  • Quick delivery 

It is imperative to provide fast food delivery service so as to meet the customers’ demand without any delay. Irrespective of the order value and location of the customers, offering quick delivery will pave the way to build a good reputation for your brand.

  • Smart search

This will allow the customers to find out their favorite/nearby restaurants based on the category of food items offerings. They can browse restaurants either manually or automatically. 

  • Cooking instructions

Everyone has different tastes and preferences. Some like to have spicy foods, whereas others may not. So, you can let the customers give cooking instructions to the restaurants in which they can mention their preferences. That is, whether the food to be prepared is spicy or not.   

  • Simple registration

This is the first step that the users encounter once installing the app. It would be essential to make it as simple as possible. It will be best if the Spotify Clone app is integrated with social media. This enables the customers to sign up with the app using their social media accounts.

In case, if they choose the manual registration process, do not let them enter so many details. They have to enter their email addresses and phone number to sign up. After that, they can customize their profile settings.  

  • In-app call

Once the customers place their order, they will be provided with required details like delivery person contact details, estimated time of delivery, and many more. 

Customers have the option to communicate with the delivery person to instruct them on directions. This will be useful when the delivery person finds it difficult to reach the customers’ location despite using the route optimization feature.

The route optimization feature will enable the delivery person to choose the shortest route, devoid of traffic, so as to reach the customers’ location on time.  

  • Offers and discounts

You can provide promo codes, discounts, and offers to your loyal customers. Or else, give festive offers to the app users. This is how you can increase your customer base and gain loyal customers.  

Working model of DoorDash Clone: Astonishing functionality

For instance, DoorDash follows a Y structure business model, which focuses on restaurants, delivery executives, and customers. As Doordash Clone, a replica of it operates on the same business model. Let’s have a glance at the basic functionality of on-demand food delivery apps briefly.

  • Order placement

To begin, customers have to sign up with a food delivery app using their email addresses and phone numbers. Or else, they can choose to prefer social media log in, so they do not have to enter the details manually.

Once done with the initial registration process, they can update their details and customize their profile whenever they want. Customers have a wide range of restaurants available in the app.

They can choose the nearby restaurants and select the food items they like. Whenever they choose any food item, it will be added to the cart. Before proceeding with the payment, they can include or delete the food items from the cart if wished.

After that, they have to choose the payment option. If they opt for digital payment, they have to make payment transactions. In case, if they have chosen the cash on delivery, they have to pay once they receive the order.  

  • Order processing

As soon as the customer finalizes the order, the concerned restaurant will get a notification regarding the order details and accept the request. Then, the restaurant will prepare the food items ordered as per the customer’s instructions, if given. 

The restaurant will pack the order. Meanwhile, the customer will get an update regarding the order status like the order has been processed, the order is out for delivery, etc.  

  • Order delivery

The nearby delivery executive will get the order request. If accepted, they will get the customer details which include location. The delivery executive reaches the restaurant, collects the order, and delivers it to the customer on time.

At the same time, the customer can keep an eye on the movement of the delivery executive and know the estimated delivery time. As soon as the customers get their order, they can put ratings to the delivery executive if wished. 

Wrap up

As the online food delivery sector is filled with many apps, including user-friendly features with seamless functionality would be imperative to stand out from the crowd. If you are interested in starting a food delivery business, DoorDash Clone will be a perfect solution for launching an on-demand food ordering & delivery app. Thereby, you can get attention from a broader user base and gain profits.