7 Best SEO DUBAI Practices for Blog Traffic and Engagement.
7 Best SEO DUBAI Practices for Blog Traffic and Engagement.
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7 Best SEO DUBAI Practices for Blog Traffic and Engagement.

If we genuinely want to be successful in the market, we must understand the value of website visitors in generating revenue. Unfortunately, there are far too many things that a qualified SEO Dubai specialist uses to improve traffic. Social media involvement and link building are two of these criteria.


Technically, website traffic means the amount of data sent and received by website visitors. Traffic is an essential part of Dubai's search engine optimization. To understand increasing or improving website traffic, you need SEO knowledge.


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If you are not very familiar with search engine optimization and want to know how to increase website traffic, below are the best 14 SEO tips from SEO Agency Dubai, which can effectively help you drive more traffic to your site.


1. Purchase a domain name that includes your keyword phrase.

Including your keyword phrase in your domain name is excellent to optimize it.


2. Include the keyword phrase in the URL.

Even if you cannot include your keywords in your domain name, you can have them in your URLs. This is because search engines parse URLs and assign a value to the text they find.


3. Create an easily navigable website

Search engines and screen readers can both use accessible HTML. The easier it is for search engines to read and rank your pages, the more accessible they are.


4. Create a detailed meta description.

The description meta tag is used by search engines as a description in their index. This is why it is critical to accurately describe your pages. Talk to the SEO expert Dubai about this. This makes it easier for customers to find your pages and search engines to index them.


5. Create excellent content

It all starts with great content. You can have all the keywords globally, but if your content is poor, people will leave your site and search engines will disregard it.


6. Create original content

It is also essential to have unique content. You must provide content that differs from other websites and web pages.


7. Consistently add new content

Sites that regularly add new content are regarded as more trustworthy than those that do not. This also helps you increase the amount of relevant content on your site, which also improves your ranking.


8. Choose a phrase that is popular, but not so popular

When you're trying to decide on a keyword phrase, you'll want to find one popular but not extremely popular. This may seem counterintuitive, but the reality is that general keywords are highly desirable and therefore highly competitive. Consequently, it is better to try to optimize the keywords that you can rank higher. You will get more from a less popular keyword when you are on the first or second page of the search than from a super popular keyword that only makes it to page 50 of search engines.


9. Make frequent use of your keyword, but not excessively so.

Keyword density refers to the relationship between your keywords and the rest of the material on your page. It is critical to repeat your keywords throughout your document, but not excessively. For your primary keyword phrase, keyword density should be between 3% and 7%, and for subsidiary keywords or keyword phrases, it should be between 1% and 2%.


10. In the anchor text of the links, use your keyword.

Another excellent location to include your keyword phrase is in the link text. Because links stand out on most websites, they are given precedence over the surrounding text.


11. Make an effort to obtain links from high-authority websites.

Reputable sites linking to you will boost your reputation. After all, if a reputable site believes your site is valuable enough to link to, it implies that your page is helpful. You can tell if a website is reputable by how high it ranks in search engines and by Google's PageRank. Furthermore, because they represent schools and universities,.edu sites have a better reputation.


12. Make an effort to obtain links from relevant websites.

Inbound links from sites that are similar to yours are also beneficial. This indicates that your website contains content on that subject. Furthermore, it means that your competition regards your site as valuable, lending credibility to your site.


13. Try to get links to EDU GOV websites

Sites in .edu and .gov top-level domains have a great deal of credibility because they are so hard to come by. If you can get the designers of those sites to link to you, your site will gain credibility.


14. Create a sitemap

Search engines love sitemaps, not necessarily for ranking, but for finding links on your site. You don't have to create an XML sitemap or Google sitemap, plain HTML sitemaps work just as well.



So hire the SEO company Dubai who is aware of the latest tricks and techniques because the SEO agency can help you to gain better results with their expert SEO services and knowledge. Unable to get the best SEO company in Dubai? Contact Legend 1st the top SEO company in Dubai.