17 reasons why you should ignore slot pragmatic
17 reasons why you should ignore slot pragmatic
17 reasons why you should ignore slot pragmatic

Long term chastity problems tend to fall into types:

Physical long term chastity problems

The physical problems are easy to deal with because they mostly consist of the man feeling constantly horny and struggling to come to grips with the reality of chastity compared to the fantasy he's carefully built up, often over several decades.

And don't underestimate how tough this can be - when you're straining at the walls of your cage and you've got another few months or so to go before you get release, it can be very, very tough going for a man.

But "man up". This is what you begged her for, remember?

Some men have physical problems with the devices themselves (and about one in a gazillion have problems with their prostate but this seems to be very, very rare).

Psychological pragmatic indonesia long term chastity problems

These are less obvious because you simply can't see what's going on in someone else's head and can only guess from their behaviour what they're thinking.

But, again contrary to popular belief and the crap put about by some of the more cerebrally challenged people on certain chastity forums, there's no reason for a man to undergo some kind of profound psychological change just because he's playing the chastity game with his wife.

Remember this is always consensual and you're simply not going to get the same kind of changes you might expect if he were, say, actually