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If you’re launching straight into as a full-time musician or making it slow as an artistpreneur on a part-time basis, there are some strategies to help you get through the first year. In this article, I’ll explain the things you should focus on in order to stay with it to make money and build your brand’s recognition.


If you're launching straight into as a full-time musician or making it slow as an artistpreneur on a part-time basis, there are some strategies to help you get through the first year. In this article, I'll explain the things you should focus on in order to stay with it to make money and build your brand's recognition.
The main factor you'll need is the correct mindset.

You require confidence, perseverance in times of difficulty as well as a creative flow and discipline.

The confidence: You have to know for sure that this is precisely what you're looking to accomplish your passion for your creative endeavor needs to be unbreakable and strong. It is essential to know that you are able to achieve it with perseverance and dedication.

Perseverance: As Natalie Bacon says, problems will never cease. You'll face problems at the start of your career and you'll face new challenges as you earn money through your work. It is essential to prepare your mind to face these challenges as an ARTISTPRENEURSHIP as well as not let these struggles dampen your enthusiasm.
Creativity: Naturally, you have to be innovative when creating artwork as well as bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to the world. However, you must also be imaginative in your challenges. Do you have a shortage of funds? Make a quick side hustle to help you get back to the top. Unhappy customer? Make their day. Are you feeling like nobody is looking at your work? Make a marketing plan that is effective.

Discipline It's your job to be an artistpreneurship however, you also need to become an owner of a business. This means you have to learn about legal issues and accounting and then organize your life. I don't like doing these things which is why these abilities require discipline. If you're like me, it could be taking time to draw every week a new painting. Find the time to complete important tasks even when you do not feel like doing them.
If you're able to keep your mind on the right track you are able to accomplish anything. Willpower can transform a person who isn't very good into an artistpreneur full-time in a flash.


Every artist has to communicate their work continuously, lest people forget they exist. You're probably thinking about"exposure. "Exposure." Oh, no. But it's essential, I'm telling you that. Don't let your customers pay you in this currency, and you'll be in good shape.

Here are some resources for marketing an artistpreneur:

Social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, TikTok, as well as other social media platforms can be the best marketing tools when used correctly. There are billions of users using Facebook and it is likely that one of them will be impressed by your work. You can publish your content organically or pay for advertisements to make sure that more people view your posts. Although you don't have to spend money on advertising these businesses are making it more difficult to make your post visible without paying for it.
Art exhibitions: Local events as well as touring art exhibitions across the country are the best opportunity to have your work recognized. Visitors can see it on the spot, meet you in person and get meet you, pick up your business card and share with their friends the story of the artist they encountered earlier. It is also possible to network with other artists that can aid you with possibilities for marketing in the near future. This is my preferred method for marketing since it can accomplish several goals simultaneously.
News feature: Send your story as well as your art to a local media outlet in your region. Content writers and journalists are constantly searching for interesting and fresh stories that their readers appreciate. I have learned from personal experience the fact that journalists are genuine also, so it's not a major thing to give their phone to phone call. Contact them by phone or send them an email and share your story. They may decide to publish a story about you in your local newspaper!
Guest blogs: This concept of pitching stories works on blogs as well as content that is only available on online websites. Some blogs allow you to write your own article and then publish it on their website as a guest blog. Send you an email with your idea for a guest post and inquire whether they're interested in having you write your piece at no cost in exchange for brand new exposure for an artistpreneur.
Word of mouth People's opinions is the best method of marketing. If people have something positive or negative to say about your business can alter the perception of your business. We are wired by nature to be able to trust each other and warn each other of negative experiences to ensure that others stay clear of them. If people are able to recommend your art to their acquaintances because they like it, sales will explode. Therefore, tell your family and friends to pass on your work to colleagues, share your blog posts on social media, and place your name in the hat whenever opportunities arise. It's a great method for them to show their support for you as best Artistpreneur, even if they do not have the funds to purchase your artwork. It's worth more.
Mail lists: could avoid the dangers of the social media algorithm by establishing an email-based list. When you sign up people to your mailing list you can email them details about your artwork and works in progress and any sales that you're making and know that they'll be able to view the work. All social media platforms are employing an algorithm today -- a computer algorithm that shows users what they believe they would like to see and blocks other content unless they explicitly seek it out. An email list can avoid this issue since every email is delivered to each inbox. Host your lists with sites such as Convertkit and MailChimp.
Offer free artwork strategically. Offer your work to the top companies in the town to let people know about it. Give it to motels to be displayed in their lobby, or give artwork to the local coffee shop, and get it free. Ask your doctor to display a few pieces in their waiting areas, or offer it to the owner of the restaurant. This might appear to be a loss at the beginning, but once you're a well-known image that is recognized by people and trust, you'll never want to exchange that for any other thing.

Artistpreneurship Host giveaways are another method of giving away artwork at no cost. Invite people to join your social media accounts as well as tag their acquaintances on an article to be entered an art contest for free work. The new audience will be exposed to your work and receive the opportunity to purchase a work of art.


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